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Modding VapoChill idea's, in a midsize Lian-Li!

Discussion in 'Modding' started by SkylerUnruh, 14 May 2004.

  1. SkylerUnruh

    SkylerUnruh What's a Dremel?

    29 Dec 2003
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    :idea: Okay, I am going to sell my watercooling setup I have now, and upgrade to the standalone VapoChill setup. Not the whole VapoChill case and stuff, but www.frozencpu.com offers the bare bones of the VapoChill system. So I got to looking at my case, and by removing the stock Lian-Li drive cage at the bottom, I should have just enough room under my GeForce FX5900 Ultra, to squeeze the bare bones VapoChill setup there at the bottom of the case. So I will be selling my watercooling setup for a resonable price, this setup has only been used for 6 months, if you have any questions or would like to contact me about it, email me at: dakotartrt @ pldi .net but with no spaces in the address.

    So who doesn't think this will be possible, I have done quite a bit of research, and the compressor and all for the VapoChill setup isnt much taller than a 120mm fan, and I can fit a 120mm fan under my videocard with ease. The VapoChill unit will probably take up 90% of the space at the bottom of the case... but thats no big deal to me, I have moved my harddrives already, and I dont use a floppy drive, so I think this is an awesome idea for my rig. :dremel:

    I will probably be selling my CPU, Mobo, and Corsair memory as well, but I don't plan on doing any of those upgrades until after the new chipsets are released, I'm waiting to see what the best option is. Right now it is between AMD's Athlon 64 FX53, and the Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz eXtreme Edition, but I know that if I wait something better will be released before the end of summer. :rock:

    I will play with some sketchup idea's on mounting the VapoChill setup later on tonight or tomorrow morning since it is getting late here. But I really want sub-zero temps... and this looks much more promising than me buying a larger case to fit all the stuff in and have to lug a big fullsize tower around. And it also beats the idea's I had about peltier cooling... so all in all, it sounds like my best coarse of action. Lemme know what you guys think, and if anyone can get a better price on the OEM VapoChill parts or any other phase-changing kit for that matter. :thumb:
  2. Iceman

    Iceman Staff

    13 Feb 2003
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    The hose on the XE/PE/SE compressor is designed only to go down from the top of your case. It will require serious modification to get it to attach to a CPU above the compressor.

    Unless of course you are referring to the LightSpeed, in which case it would work but you need to transplant an awful lot more than just the compressor since it has its own dedicated PSU this time.
  3. ModKid

    ModKid What's a Dremel?

    5 Jul 2002
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    You would have to have a bend in the suction tube in order to have it beneath your cpu. Liquid could otherwise get sucked into the compressor, killing it. And im sure you don't know what im talking about right now :) meaning just get the lightspeed ;)
  4. MrBean

    MrBean Minimodder

    21 Apr 2004
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    Hi SkylerUnruh,
    Mmm..Ok, I have both, VapoPE, and a VapoLS....fitting the VapoPE/XE in the bottom is going to be a really very tight squeeze, you will have to remove the hardrive bays at the bottom, as well as the 3.5" harddrive/stiffy bay right above that.

    2nd Problem is going to be heat, and extracting it from your case...heat will have a bad impact on your gfx performance, as most of it will have to pass by your gfx card to be extracted.

    I have a similar setup, but VapoLS below my Lian-Li PC60 case..you can have a look over in the Projectlog section for 1 or 2 ideas.....

    The VapoLS is a very good proposition/candidate, and you need 1 cutout and 4 10mm holes in the bottom of your case to bolt it on. Very efficient too....

    If you insist on using a standalone VapoPE/XE, rather get yourself a PC70 case, and fit the standalone above the mobo.

    Hope this helps a little.

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