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Video Playback Problem

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by DSquareD, 1 May 2007.

  1. DSquareD

    DSquareD What's a Dremel?

    24 Nov 2005
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    so i have just reformatted my computer (for a change) and i have many many .avi video files that i want to play and watch. windows media player is playing them but the colour of the video is like bright green and orange and blue. it gives me an error message before hand saying it might not support the file type. the file is a .avi extension file so i dont understand why it wont play. please help. (i have divx installed and 2 other codec programs yet it still will not play in divx or in windows media player)
    what should i do or is there a codec i used to have that i need to get again?
  2. Computer Gremlin

    Computer Gremlin What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2006
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    Have you tried VLC Player? It supports almost every format with the exception of MKV files that require the CCCP codex. One of the best open source media player for all the odd files, it will also play subtitle files that are not merged into the video.

  3. Springs

    Springs Boing boing

    29 Aug 2004
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    have you tried either upgrading or downgrading your graphics drivers.. or like computer gremlin said try VLC or maybe winamp see if there is a problem with WMP..

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