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Modding vinyl dye in Europe

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Scorpsel, 29 Nov 2004.

  1. Scorpsel

    Scorpsel Imaginary Time

    29 Nov 2004
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    Sorry about the umpteenthd thread about this stuff..

    I need vinyl dye.
    The problem is that i do not live in one of those nice countries where you go to Walmart and find 50 different colors of the perfect product.
    After a week shopping around, i found *1* store, that sold vinyl dye. In 2 colors. black and white. woohoo. :sigh:

    I used the search, but could only find threads about vinyl dye in the uk, and usauto.co.uk does not appear to ship outside the uk. bummer.

    So help me :)
    If you know shops/sites that sell the stuff in the netherlands (without $30 of shipping please), well, great, that's exactly what I'm looking for.
    If you dont, any information about brand names, importers, sites elsewhere in europe &c. is very welcome..
    Shops in france or germany would be helpful as well, could pick some up next time i'm there.

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