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Displays Weird noises from Dell Monitor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by neil_b, 4 Sep 2017.

  1. neil_b

    neil_b Member

    20 Jun 2009
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    Out of nowhere my Dell 2804 monitor (admittedly no spring chicken) has started making little crackling/rustling noises whenever its on. At first I thought it was an insect but this has been going on for weeks now - and nothing appears to have hatched! It only appears to happen when the display is fully on and showing something/anything on the screen.

    Any ideas what this might be???

    Therefore I think I may be about to replace the monitor; would any of the new 4K monitors work with the set-up (detailed in my signature) particularly my graphics card and W7? The Asus motherboard can't be upgraded to work with W10, so I may be approaching a new build? I'd be looking for a high-spec on that too.

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