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Networks What Do I DO?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by keef247, 21 Oct 2007.

  1. keef247

    keef247 Member

    11 Aug 2006
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    basically I'm getting my new lappy soon... I currently have a ADSL line at home which I should be able to cancel should I need too...
    Here's the situation... I want to be able to get some kind of mobile broadband for when I visit my grandparents down the road? Now I was thinking possibly some kind of T-Mobile sim in a sim card reader adaptor for the lappy and away I go? only I DON'T want a contract. MAYBE 3months minimum?
    I DON'T need alot of download limits etc... just will be using it for msn/myspace/web browsing maybe some downloads and abit of gaming on steam but the gaming side is NOT important...
    SO what do I do? I don't really want to be spending more than £15 a month...
    Is there another option I was thinking if not getting the crappy 120mb limit per month on my vodafone contract added to it... but thats only 120mb and I'd have to connect it via usb and the speed is VERY crap... Plus I'd rather be able to use my Phone aswell IF I have to take the sim out... SO maybe a seperate simcard all together was what I was mainly leaning towards?
    someone mentioned some kind of mini modem usb thing you plug in for 25quid a month from the carphone warehouse but thats ridiculously expense and on contract...
    TBH I wouldn't mind changing my whole isp for something that would cater for home use and when I visit my grandparents down the road... Only I still want the people at my home to be able to use the net whilst I use it down there...

    OR could I somehow get 2 places to dial up to my excisting OneTel ISP via the old modem that originally was used to connect and use that at my grandparent's line? Thus giving me 2 houses to use my excisting connection? I Cannot remember what this is called when doing this? Also would I be able to connect at the same time at two different houses. Its FINE if NOT as they just WON'T be able to use the net at home whilst I'm away...

    Wasn't really sure to be honest if this was more suited in the phones section as it kinda leans both ways:S

    sorry for being so comfusing.
    any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated!
  2. CaseyBlackburn

    CaseyBlackburn Network Techie

    27 Jul 2004
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    I'm sorry but what you wrote was really confusing..
    Who is your current provider for cell phones?
    You can always cancel your ADSL line and then purchase an additional cellphone line with unlimited data and get a PCMCIA card for your laptop and you would be set. That is the best thing I can see.

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