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Development What kind of coder are you?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Dae314, 27 Apr 2011.

  1. Dae314

    Dae314 New Member

    3 Sep 2010
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    Hello Bit-Tech developers!

    I'm interested to know after reading this, what kind of coder do you consider yourself? You don't need to stick to the 5 archetypes defined in the article, but for myself I'll stick to two of them.

    When I'm under pressure to meet some deadline or if I don't have enough time to do extensive testing I am a duct tape programmer. However, as long as I feel like there is time and I have enough motivation I am more comfortable being a theoretical programmer.

  2. sparkyboy22

    sparkyboy22 Web Tinkerer

    3 May 2010
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    Me = Duct Tape / Aspiring OCD
  3. BentAnat

    BentAnat Software Dev

    26 Jun 2008
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    Probably OCD/Duct Tape...
  4. suenstar

    suenstar Collector of Things

    13 Sep 2009
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    I'd say for the initial writing of the code I'd class myself as a Duct Tape programmer, I'm not bothered about how it looks as long as I know it'll work and it won't break easily. After I'm happy with the functionality, I turn into the OCD Perfectionist and make the code look clean and add all the general comments.

    I'm trying to develop a happy medium where I do the organised code while I do the initial work but it's hard to change your ways after so many years of messy coding.
  5. WarrenJ

    WarrenJ Well-Known Member

    14 Oct 2009
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    Got to admit, I don't fit into just One.

    I'm a perfectionist/OCD candidate. It not only effects my code either, everything has to be immaculate. However, if it's someone else's project that I'm not responsible for - Im a half-assed programmer. I'll get it done quickly, I have better things to be doing (my own projects)

    I have a pet hate for the "Anti-programmer programmer" I have a friend who does this a lot. However, the code is normally sub-standard, usually not optimised and bloated. The learning curve is also not there so your not benefiting from the code you are using. Self development is key to your success in the future.

    Dependant on the deadline also effects the quality of code. I get to set my own deadlines so I can OCD all I want. Clients are happier now, projects used to get done faster but mistakes in the code or changes needing to be made would upset them futher. Now i keep the clients happy with a perfect website first time.
  6. Cerberus90

    Cerberus90 Car Spannerer

    23 Apr 2009
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    As most here, I'd be duct/ocd.

    Can't stand using other peoples code, as most of the time its quicker to write your own than try to understand what someone else has done.

    Although I suppose you've got add Junior infront of those as I've not quite finished my degree, :D
  7. GiantKiwi

    GiantKiwi New Member

    6 Jan 2011
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    oh dear apparently I would fit into the theoretical programmer subtype
  8. wyx087

    wyx087 Homeworld 3 is happening!!

    15 Aug 2007
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    Theoretical programmer it seems. I usually spend a lot of time thinking up he best way for most expandability. Then do the minimal is asked for at the last minute.

    Also fit into anti-programming when doing it, rather use other people's code than to do my own work.

    Looks like that's both good and bad.
  9. Xlog

    Xlog Active Member

    16 Dec 2006
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    My usual cycle of software development:
    1. Write a working prototype, it can be slow, buggy, but has to do all main tasks.
    3. Do some testing.
    4. Rewrite everything, while incorporating new ideas/things I learned while writing prototype.
    5. if(havetime()) goto 3;
    6. Add comments.

    So, probably duct tape, with a bit of OCD then it comes to optimization.

    This works mainly because I rarely write software for the same platform twice or frequent enough to remember how to do things the right way. And I can't reuse my code, because it's always optimized for specific architecture and peripherals :wallbash:.
  10. Drumm

    Drumm New Member

    24 Apr 2011
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    I am very meticulous about my code, so I'm guessing I come under perfectionist. However, I believe if I had to work to a deadline. I could easily do it. I don't do coding as a profession, so I can't say. But I do like my code to work properly, not "just work." I also hate code that is written by someone who has taken a class, and thinks it's okay to code in Java. They have no connection with the programming scene. They don't get "it."
  11. Houndofhell

    Houndofhell One Particle to Rule Them All

    9 Jul 2009
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    To be quite honest i'd have to say i'm a mix of 3 OCD/duct-tape/theoretical. If start by staring at the screen thinking through the logical possibilities of how to tackle the situation, i then proceed to start worrying about the deadline.

    I then move on to the process of hacking some quite frankly disgusting code together. After that is done I test to make sure it works. If it works I then proceed to read my code through and vomit from the eye-sore, after that I work on nice and neatly arranging and re-writing the code until it leaves sun spots in your eyes from the aura surrounding the finished code.
  12. Zurechial

    Zurechial Elitist

    21 Mar 2007
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    OCD but without the competence and with a little bit of the Theoretical.

    I'm totally obsessive about neat, tidy, human-readable, extensively-commented code with verbose variable names and consistent indentation, etc. but that doesn't mean that the code actually does what it's supposed to well, or at all. :p
  13. Shadow_101

    Shadow_101 Mudkips.

    12 Feb 2004
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    hmm difficult to box myself, depending on the job. Most of the time I’m the half assed programmer. get the job done and get back to other stuff. However if the project interests me, or stretches me i'm generally more motivated to do decent job. Then i turn in to OO obsession and efficiency.

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