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What to bring 180mm atria (DS) or on Nova1080? Short test of Cartago's Review

Discussion in 'Watercooling' started by cartago2202, 6 Dec 2011.

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    19 Apr 2011
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    What to bring 180mm atria (DS) or on Nova1080? Short test of Cartago's Review.

    Hi Ho my friends and water cooling enthusiasts!

    Today in the short review I will explore the question " is what and what brings a shroud? " the example of the 180mm-shround of Phobya.

    What is a pre-chamber (shroud)?

    Is also called a prechamber or shround nothing more than a mostly rectangular frame is mounted between the fan and radiator.

    What is it good?

    Theoretically, by the so-called "dead spot" directly under the fan hub are reduced or repealed. This means nothing else than the radiator surface is better utilized.

    Does it really you?

    Now the question I have even asked me once, so this short test.

    First, let's look more closely at times the parts.

    Technical details:

    Technical details:
    Material: Plexi
    Colour: transparent
    Interpretation: for 180mm fan
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 180x 180 x 20mm









    These plastic atria are processed very clean and there are no sharp angles or to find other irregularities discovered.
    Unlike its smaller siblings, but the 180s have no prechamber holes for LEDs.

    I'm here now first present the test system:

    Mainboard: Gigabyte P67 Professional
    CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K
    RAM: 16GB (4x4GB) Corsair Vengeance
    Graphic: POV GTX580 TGT
    PSU: be quiet! P9 850W
    HDD: Samsung HD502HJ F3
    Housing: Xigmatek Elysium Super Tower

    Water Cooling

    CPU: EK Water Blocks Supreme HF Full nickel
    Graphic: EK Water Blocks EK-FC 580
    Pump: Phobya DP-12 400
    Conditions: Alphacool HF 38 Cape Cyclone 150 V.2
    DFM: AC High Flow
    Temperature sensors: 2x Phobya IG / AG
    Monitoring: Aqua Computer XT 5 Aquaero
    Quick couplings: 4x Koolance VLN3
    Hose: 16/10 Masterkleer

    cycle structure:

    AGB1> Pump> Quick Connect> Nova1080> Quick Connect> AGB2> GPU> CPU> AGB1

    Come as a fan Phobya G-18 Silent 700rpm White Slim (180x180x25mm) were used.
    The tests are made with two air speeds, namely at 50% and 100%, which means speeds of 640rpm and ca.320rpm.

    Was tested simultaneously with Prime95 and FurMark and as long as the temperatures are not increased.



    Conclusion: ​

    The answer to the question "Does it really you? I can at this point with a clear" answer YES ".

    As you can see from the table and the diagrams, which actually brings the pre-chamber. Although the increase is not as huge in size but in the battle for every degree it is a pure gain.
    Installation is simple and low cost of the benefit, however large. At a price of around 8 € plus shipping it is a worthwhile investment and I get a strong buy recommendation .
    Users of the Phobya radiator stand for Nova1080 was told that when using the 180 Slim fan with Phobya Shrouds are no compatibility problems.
    The radiator then feels completely out of the state and there are no parts from, how is one to see it in pictures.


    Hereby I would like to thank the companies Phobya and Aquatune for providing the test samples and the confidence placed in me.
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