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Development What VB programming book to buy?

Discussion in 'Software' started by Cyberbob:-), 11 Nov 2010.

  1. Cyberbob:-)

    Cyberbob:-) Member

    16 Jun 2002
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    Hi guys,

    I wanna teach myself Visual Studio mainly Visual basic.

    Many moons ago I did a night courses in cobol and C but haven't get any experiance with the Visual studio suite or anything like that.

    Is there a book anybody can recommend for a beginner to visual basic and using visual studio.

    Looked at dummies guide but that also expects some knowlege of visual basic.

    Thanks guys
  2. Zoon

    Zoon Hunting Wabbits since the 80s

    12 Mar 2001
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    First grab Visual Studio Express http://www.microsoft.com/express/ for the language you want.

    If you've done C before, then you'll probably find it easier to learn C#, and as VB.Net and C# are functionally identical within the .net framework, there's no real need to learn VB. Once you know C# and the .net framework well enough the VB knowledge is pretty easy.

    I did it the other way round for example; I started on ASP, went to ASP.NET with VB, then ASP.NET with C#, then other C-style languages like PHP and a bit of Javascripting.

    As for books, O'Reilly you can never go far wrong with, and I've personally used a couple of good Wrox books on earlier versions (that was for ASP.NET specifically however).
  3. yakyb

    yakyb i hate the person above me

    10 Oct 2006
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    i would also argue c# over VB.net as it appears to me that Microsoft are pushing C# harder than VB.net Currently

    I personally also find it easier to read and use

    in terms of reading the Microsoft MSDN website has loads of free tutorials

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