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Modding Which case to start with...

Discussion in 'Modding' started by xan13x, 25 Oct 2009.

  1. xan13x

    xan13x Is all part of your freaky dream...

    23 Oct 2009
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    Hi guys, I've been doing research for a while now, and have finally decided to begin a new project. I've mulled over many a full tower case review along with specs etc. and had pretty much settled on a coolermaster atcs 840. Well now that it's time to actually hit "checkout" at newegg I'm second guessing myself. I like silverstone's tj07 tj09 and tj10, but they seem to be more suited to water than air. I looked at the corsair obsidian as well, but seemed to be geared toward water as well(not to mention no mobo tray).

    So anyways I'll throw out a few stipulations and see what you guys can direct me to.

    removable motherboard tray
    black aluminum
    full tower
    doesn't suck on air(pun intended)

    CPU retention bracket hole
    black inside

    So yea, I'm picky and should probably just get the 840, but if someone has a silverstone air cooled that is amazing let me know :p

  2. bigsharn

    bigsharn Officially demotivated

    9 May 2008
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    TJ03 TJ04 TJ05
    RV01 RV02

    All Silverstone cases that would be better for air than water, I've never owned or even seen any of them if I'm truly honest, but they're not mahassive like the TJ07 or TJ09

    Might be worth looking at Lian Li as well, their A71, A77, B10. P50, X500 and X2000 (which might be a bit large) cases are beautiful
    Last edited: 25 Oct 2009

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