Multi Why have Battle Royale games come in in such a flurry?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Zak33, 13 Mar 2018.

  1. Zak33

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    12 Jun 2017
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    The original Battle Royale film (japanese masterpiece) was soooo long ago.

    So how come it's just erupted this last 24 months? Hunger Games is a very very poor equivalent to the original beauty, and now the games are sooo popular. PUBG is effectively the same.. and Fortnite Battle Royael is about to go mobile to be cross platform.

    Why now?
  2. Arboreal

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    21 Jan 2011
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    AFAIK Brendan Green (AKA PlayerUnknown) has form here, as he was involved with the H1Z1 mod and then persuaded Bluehole to build a BR setup from scratch.
    If you were looking in on the hype and attention, wouldn't you be tempted to jump on the bandwagon / gravy train?
  3. lilgoth89

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    well Minecraft UHC was around before H1Z1 by quite a margin...
    then came the battle Royale mod for Arma, then H1Z1 came from that... ( although coincidentally both were ruined by cheaters )
    then came Pubg, and more than any game prior , they marketed the game through the Live streaming community, and the success went ballistic
    then everyone saw the money being made, instantly had Dollar Signs in their eyes and shoehorned Battle Royale into games ( GTA V ) or made their own ( fortnite )
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  4. Gunsmith

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    Like crafting games, survival games and zombie games it's a fad that'll pass.
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  5. Gareth Halfacree

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    Akchually, <pushes glasses up nose>, Fortnite is another example of shoehorning: the game was originally developed as a cooperative sandbox survival game ("Save the World"), then the battle royale mode was added and eventually spun-off into the now-standalone F2P Fortnite Battle Royale.
  6. adrock

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    5 Dec 2006
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    He also made the mod for Arma 3 prior to the H1Z1 stuff (the Arma 2 mod i believe was made by someone else).

    They've been a niche for any sandbox-ey FPs that'd allow you to create the mode for quite a while, but successfully getting the idea into the mainstream (which may have been dependent on getting attention from the console market) seems to have gotten it a lot more attention. That'll die off and it'll take its place as a typical or cliched game mode or genre i guess, the way RTS did after the Dune/C&C hype died down (what's your favourite mediocre late 90s RTS? mine was Dark Reign), or the way CTF and conquest became typical game modes.

    Following this pattern of behaviour, I'm awaiting a AAA game based around the concept of trouble in terrorist town in a bladerunner setting (i know it can't work because of the increasing toxicity of the public internet, but let me dream dammit!).

    When the movie came out we didn't really have the games to make something like this at the scale it's now being done, and didn't have large enough online communities to keep servers populated to this extent. It's the product of evolution of different areas of FPS gaming as well as overcoming the technical limitations behind having 100 players connected to a single server running a map covering several miles.

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