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Apple Will a Windows 7 boot drive created on a Mac also work on a PC?

Discussion in 'Software' started by kissinger, 16 Feb 2015.

  1. kissinger

    kissinger Minimodder

    6 Dec 2011
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    I'm trying to put together a PC build and I have a Windows 7 license but no optical drive. I was hoping to be able to create a Windows 7 boot drive using my Macbook. Is this possible?

    I've been into Bootcamp and there's an option there to create a boot drive containing a Windows 7 .iso, but I don't know if that is somehow 'tailored' to work on Mac and not on PC.

    My only other option (that I can see) would be to install a trial of Windows 8 on my Mac using bootcamp and then to make a PC bootable boot drive containing Windows 7 in Windows 8. I could do that, but I'd rather not if it's avoidable.
  2. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister Minimodder

    1 Sep 2009
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    I'm no expert but given that mac's use normal pc hardware, I would think it would work in a PC fine, although after the change you would need to change the drivers to the specific hardware the drive is going in to.

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