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Windows Windows 2008 - IIS 7.5 with network drive

Discussion in 'Software' started by udjamaflip, 29 Jan 2010.

  1. udjamaflip

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    13 Aug 2005
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    Hi guys,

    We have a linux box at work which is our main dev machine, and we recently installed win server 2008 on another machine with iis 7.5, I've got it serving pages which is great (only .html) however the problem I'm having is that when I try to serve .aspx pages or .asp pages I get an error saying web.config is not readable.

    The problem I think is arising from that fact we are serving these files from a mapped network drive (on the linux box). This is how it needs to be to fit in with various existing setups including versioning, backup schedules, and the size of the hdd on the windows box etc etc.

    Error Code 0x8007052e
    Config Error Cannot read configuration file

    Config file : \\\path\to\website\httpdocs\web.config

    On the linux side of things I've given 777 to the entire directory containing (from the very top level). I could understand permission issues if it gave it regardless of the type of file, but it loads .html fine. :sigh:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, if I'm missing out important info, or more is needed just say and I'll grab it!

  2. thehippoz

    thehippoz What's a Dremel?

    19 Dec 2008
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