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Windows windows 8 usb stick issue

Discussion in 'Software' started by iajo, 26 Jun 2013.

  1. iajo

    iajo What's a Dremel?

    27 Oct 2010
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    Hi, I have used a usb memory card reader in my pc a few times with no issue. Today after inserting it i cant see it in my computer as another drive or sometimes i see it but it fails to open.

    I read that there is a known issue yet i haven't had it before. I open disk manager to assign a drive letter but disk manager either times out or just doesn't find any disks. When i remove the usb reader disk manager will open fine and run normally. Leaving disk manager open and adding the reader sees it run very slowly and not find the new drive on a rescan.

    This usb stick has worked perfectly on this pc in the past week, i took it to my old system running windows 7 and the usb stick works as normal showing as an external drive and all the information is fine.

    Any ideas?
  2. djzic

    djzic Bokehlicious!

    8 Nov 2010
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    Have a Linux PC? GParted sees such disks fine, I've had the problem numerous times. If not and you have a spare USB stick, put Parted Magic on it, plug it in, boot from it, plug in the troublesome USB stick and make a new DOS partition table in GParted :thumb:

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