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Networks wireless/wired network problems. need assistance

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by exavier412, 11 Apr 2006.

  1. exavier412

    exavier412 What's a Dremel?

    15 Jan 2004
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    hi, i am trying to setup my linksys wireless g router (WRT54G) into my current network. my current network uses a wired linksys router. i am trying to connect the wireless router to the same cable that i currently connect my laptop to the internet on.

    for some reason, i can connect to the router wirelessly, but i cannot get the network to recognize it i think. my laptop connects to the router, but i cannont get the internet from the network to broadcast, wired, or wirelessly. i'm using WEP security also. if anyone knows what i should do, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    and i'm not a complete noob about it, i set it up on my older wireless B linksys router, but i just cant figure out how to do this.

    i have a powerbook. (OSX)
    thanks in advance

    some info:
    -the home (wired) router is set to
    -my laptop IP:

    i want to take my new wireless router, and connect it to the same cable that my laptop is connected to the internet with, and then broadcast the internet wirelessly to my laptop. for some reason i can connect wirelessly to my router, but i cannot get the internet to work through the router at all. i have to bypass the router completely (wall to laptop) to get the internet.
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  2. Shadow_101

    Shadow_101 Minimodder

    12 Feb 2004
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    Not really sure of the setup up you've got could do with a diagram.

    Is the problem just with the lappy getting the net? Have you checked its gateway, make sure its set to the other routers IP.
  3. kenco_uk

    kenco_uk I unsuccessfully then tried again

    28 Nov 2003
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    I set up a similar configuration with a Linksys wrt-54g connected to a D-Link DSL504. Basically, I connected the wrt to the dlink via patch cable to the hub on each (i.e. not the internet port on the wrt), then set each of the routers to an ip address so they were in the same range, i.e. the d-link was and the wrt was I switched dhcp off and set the ip address on a wireless laptop to, subnet, default gateway to and the Primary DNS to (nothing needed in secondary dns). HTH.

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