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Write Cache automatically disables on WD HDD when connecting WD E-SATA drive

Discussion in 'Western Digital' started by Nicho133, 9 Mar 2011.

  1. Nicho133

    Nicho133 New Member

    22 Feb 2005
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    I have found that Windows is disabling the write caching on my internal WD500GB when my WD1.5TB E-SATA external drive is connected, making file transfers to the WD500GB at the slowest 12.8MBps. When I turn the write caching back on for the WD500GB with the WD1.5TB E-SATA drive connected, it won't make any difference to the transfer rate.

    When restarting Windows with the external WD1.5TB E-SATA drive disconnected the write cache will automatically turn back on and the transfer rate to the WD500GB will be normal again. (Around 53MBps at the slowest)

    This was all tested with the same files and the files were all transfered from my WD150GB Raptor which doesn't get effected by the automatically turning off of the write cache.

    Does anyone know why the write cache automatically turns off on the WD500GB when the WD1.5TB external E-SATA drive is connected?

    Has anyone else had this happen before?

    Thanks for anyones help :D

    System specs are in my sig
  2. Tom @ CCL

    Tom @ CCL AKA: Yewen

    10 May 2010
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    My guess is it could be motherboard controller related, disabling the feature when an eSATA device is connected.

    Purely a guess though, maybe try updating the BIOS + Motherboard Drivers.

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