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Graphics XFX 280x 3gb Black Edition Fan issue

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by dave_salmon, 27 Aug 2014.

  1. dave_salmon

    dave_salmon New Member

    24 Jun 2009
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    Quick background: I've been having some issues recently with my Sapphire 7970 Ghz Ed with one of the fans not spinning up on boot and the other making ugly noises that sound like dead/worn bearings.

    Said non-spinny fan would, every few seconds, attempt to spin up and after approximately 15-20 minutes would spin up and behave almost as normal, with only an odd looking fluctuation in the RPMs (constant flitting up to 100rpms difference - I'm told thats as bad as it seemed to me). Watching temps in GPUZ showed that even with one fan, temps weren't insane:

    1x Fan - Minecraft full screen/full settings 55oc, ARMA 3 High/Ultra 72oc
    2x Fans - Minecraft full screen/full settings 50oc, ARMA 3 High/Ultra hovered around 65/68oc

    I clean my system once every 4-8 weeks with some canned air and a bit of careful de-clogging around radiators and did so again as a troubleshooting step, as well as removing and reseating the card and swapping the 8/8 pin connectors to a different socket on my PSU: No Joy.

    This being abnormal behaviour for the fans, especially since I had not made any changes to my system which might have 'switched on' a new feature, and with this being a similar experience in the run up to my 580 dying in much the same way, I went through the RMA process with Scan, took it in to them today and they've given me a replacement card, that being the 280x.

    YAY! :clap: I thought.

    That was until I fit the card and found that I have almost the same issue now with this card and its brand freaking new.

    "Its your PSU or Motherboard!!" I hear you cry.

    "I've tested it in another rig and the other fan never kicks in!" I reply.

    The spec of my system:
    i5 2500K @stock
    8gb DDR3 Corsair Dominator
    Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3
    Corsair Gold AX750w

    The spec of the test system:
    FX8350 @Stock
    8gb DDR3 Crosair Dominator 1866
    Asus Sabertooth
    MSI 7950 3gb TwinFrozer
    Corsair CXM 750w

    Troubleshooting steps I've undertaken with the 280x:
    • Checked and reseated card and connectors
    • Reseated 8/8 pin power connectors in another socket on the PSU
    • Updated my drivers
    • Checked the Windows Power Management settings for changes - Nothing abnormal
    • Poked around Catalyst settings - Nothing abnormal
    • Manually increased fan speed using Catalyst up to 60% to see if the second fan kicks in - Nothing
    • Checked all power and other connectors in my system
    • Tested the card in another system - Same problem
    • Stressed the card with ARMA 3 on Very high/Ultra - 72oc, 60% fan speed, second fan sits still
    • Had a poke around the Bios to see if there were any settings remotely related to the PCIe slots - Nothing
    • Ran the Uninigine Benchmark on Ultra - Temps/Fan speed increased almost identically to how they did in ARMA 3
    • Googled to check if the second fan not spinning up is a feature - Can't find anything to suggest that it is

    I've even tried contacting XFX by phone to ask some specifics about the card as their site lists a 750w PSU being the minimum requirement with a recommendation of an 850w psu - Where did this get me? A very nice but confused receptionist at a beauty Salon in Dudley.

    At this point, I'm not sure what to think, is there a fault in my system that has busted the second fan? Is my PSU actually not up to the job? Am I the unluckiest person on the planet and have been given a replacement card with almost the same fault as what it was replacing?

    Please help!

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