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Displays Yet another monitor thread from me :P

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by coolicus, 30 Jun 2011.

  1. coolicus

    coolicus What's a Dremel?

    23 Apr 2011
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    Right I'm ordering the rest of my new gaming build tonight as I've got my paycheck :D!

    Anyway I really am stuck when it comes to monitors - you see in addition to being used for my PC I'd ideally like something that is compatible with my PS3 (via HDMI). The problem is of course that my prime choice the Dell Ultrasharp 23" doesn't support this and assuming I use the DVI port for my PC then I seem stuck when it comes to connecting up my PS3 :(. As there doesn't seem to be any suitable adapter for the other ports?

    Anyway I was hoping you could recommend me something in the £250 - £300 at the max range and preferably from Amazon although that is not essential :p.


  2. Comrade Penguin

    Comrade Penguin What's a Dremel?

    3 Jul 2004
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    Whilst DVI to displayport is possible I think it requires an active converter and therefore will cost a similar amount to the moon if anyone bothers making one. Have you considered a DVI switching box? Would be cheaper though finding a decent quality one may be tricky.

    I say all this as the Dell U2311H is back down to £200 if you go through the business site.

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