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Other Zune - How to put current mp3 on the device help

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by LightingBird, 26 Dec 2008.

  1. LightingBird

    LightingBird Minimodder

    25 Feb 2004
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    I have a odd question. Just got someone a Zune and I'm wondering how do I put current mp3's on the device. Let me explain the situation. On this persons network they have a program called "charter music". It's very similar to itunes or any monthly paid service to download music. What this person is doing is legally downloading music to her PC. Once she has the music it comes as a "wma'. Then she converts it to mp3 with a program called "sound taxi". So she doesn't have to worry about it expiring every month and can put them on CD if she choses. When she hooks up her Zune to her laptop. Unless she or I am missing something. There doesnt seem to be a way to add this mp3's to her Zune.

    Any direction?
  2. capnPedro

    capnPedro Hacker. Maker. Engineer.

    11 Apr 2007
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    Play them with Windows Media player so they get added to the library, then add them to a sync list?
  3. Diosjenin

    Diosjenin Thinker, Tweaker, Et Cetera

    14 Jul 2008
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    Back off, everyone - I'm a yearlong Zune owner, I have this under control. :D

    Okay - first off, she needs to install the Zune software if she hasn't already. I can't really imagine why she wouldn't have, but it's not specified, so I have to account for it. Zunes only work with the Zune software. Which is fine, since it pwns any other music software out there, but yeah, it's necessary.

    Now assuming she's done that... in the Zune software, under settings > software > collection, you can dictate the folder(s) where the software should look for music, movies, pictures, and podcasts. If she's not adding the converted mp3s to My Music (where the Zune looks for music by default), she can either a) put the converted mp3s in My Music or a subfolder thereof, or b) add the folder that she is putting them in to the list of Music folders that Zune looks in.

    [applicable support page on the Zune website]

    Either way, they'll just start showing up in Zune's library with no distinction between her normal music collection and the converted mp3s. Any changes, reorganizations, deletions, etc. of the music through Windows Explorer will be reflected immediately in the Zune software, etc., etc.

    Let me know (with as many details as possible, please) if that doesn't fix the problem.

    - Diosjenin -
    Last edited: 26 Dec 2008
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  4. Denis_iii

    Denis_iii What's a Dremel?

    1 Jan 2007
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    i want a Zune:(
  5. chrisb2e9

    chrisb2e9 Dont do that...

    18 Jun 2007
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    I have the 80gb model. I love it. except for the fact that I am away from home for a week and I forgot my cable to charge it!!!

    and +1 for what Diosjenin said.
  6. sui_winbolo

    sui_winbolo Giraffe_City

    25 Sep 2004
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    Tell her to start paying for the Zune Pass. It's $15 a month and download all you want. I've had a subscription for close to two years.

    With the pass you can download songs directly to your device. Which is pretty nifty.

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