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4 Jan 2017
20 Jan 2007
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11 Dec 1987 (Age: 30)
Montreal, Canada

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How many wifi's does it have?, 30, from Montreal, Canada

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4 Jan 2017
    1. MSHunter
      ---Edit-- It was Speedfan!

      "The ultimate question is what SpeedFan has to do with locking your monitor. Clearly SpeedFan execute DDC/CI call to the monitor, with the API code to lock the menu." -Response from Goodbyte when I post the fix from the Dell customer forums.

      Found the message after much searching. apparently a known issue on the dell forums at the time.
    2. MSHunter
      Hey mate, do you remember which temp monitor has issues with Dell Screens. was it Realtemp?
    3. LukeDaly
      Thanks :) thats fine, no problem at all :)
    4. LukeDaly
      thanks for accepting :) always nice to have a monitor guru at hand :) also did you receive a pm from me or did it muck up or something?
    5. LukeDaly
      Heyy man sent you a message :) give it a wee reply when you find some time :D Thanks!
    6. Tigernos
      Thanks for the friend add Goodbytes! :)
    7. Gaming_freak_10
      How's it going GB? :)
    8. chrisb2e9
      Never mind I found it, you have to goto Zune.net to get that info now. Don't know why they can't just let it show up in the zune player...
    9. chrisb2e9
      Hey goodbytes,
      I have a question for you. In the Zune software I remember a year or two ago being able to look at an artist and it would tell me other artists with the same music. And what other music influenced the band to make their music and a lot of info like that. It doesn't do it for me anymore, do you know if they removed this function?
    10. yassarikhan786
      Thanks a lot for the advice, much appreciated. For me the settings on tftcentral made my monitor look brill. I have it on the RGB setting iirc and it looks OK to me. How will I check for colour accuracy? Is it best to print something off or use Photoshop?
    11. yassarikhan786
      Hey Goodbytes, I have a question regarding the U2410. I don't have a colorimeter to calibrate my U2410 and I wanted to ask if the calibration settings on tftcentral will produce fairly accurate results.

    12. slyBR1
      HEY, NOT SURE WHAT IM DOING. FIRST TIME TRYING TO WRITE ON HERE. WELL, SECOND time, i wrote you a message before . dont know where it went. i read your link on display types. very helpfull. cheers. i noticed you wanted feedback on products. i just got a new custom rig and got the lg ips 226v. the image quality is brillant. colours. brightness viewing angles all great. Then i put crysis on and it starts off at night and the light bleed was terrible. i sent it back. they tested it and they classed it as faulty and gave me a replacement. i set that up and it was worse. sending it back tommorrow. i cant suffer light bleed when i play games that are dark. im looking forward to the dark caves of skyrim and cant have a patchy screen. Ive got £220 to spend and was thinking of the viewsonic vp2365wb. Is it possible to get a ips with no light bleed for that price. cheers for any help.
    13. GoodBytes
      Sorry for the wait.. for a faster response (same day) I suggest you PM me or e-mail me.

      I am not fan of either.. it depends on what I build. A media center computer, I'll try and get a nice looking case, and get the motherboard for it, wheater it's mini-ATX, or ATX or wtv...

      For a desktop, I tend to go with an ATX board, unless it's a computer like my mothers who I got her an Nvidia ION platform.

      I usually get ATX boards because they have a lot of features, and have more flexibility.

      I don't know the hardware guides you are talking about :/ I am not really following them to be honest. I only have a quick look when I buy a computer for myself, but that is all. The main reason is because I have my own special needs, and my black list, and trusted brand list that I like to follow.
    14. chrisb2e9
      hey goodbytes,
      wanted your opinion on something,
      i am building a new system. bought a i2500k 8gb ram already have 6950 and a sound card and network card.
      i bought a mATX board, the one in the bit tech hardware guide for the premium player specs. i didnt see that it was a micro board. no pci slots...
      are you a fan of full size or the micro? i grabbed the asus board from the previous hardware guide(the gamer spec one(sorrry for lack of names. doing this from my phone))
      which one would you go with?

    15. Ahadihunter1
      BTW.. what does "how many WiFi 's does it have mean? Lol
    16. Gaming_freak_10
      hey GoodBytes can you check my laptop mod out please? I need your opinion on something for me... Thanks!
    17. Siwini
    18. Ahadihunter1
      By the way your name make me want to eat something... LOL
    19. Ahadihunter1
      Hey I have a question:
      after careful planning I was wondering:
      How much did you save after negotiating on your end?
      I was going to call, and to be honest I have one shot at this, I'm planning on getting the M15x it has a price tag of 999 inc VAT, if it's at that price range how much would I be able to save, I need a refrence,
      because when you said "they will cut down the price DEEPLY" did you meant:
      £999 to £900? or you meant 999 to £788? lol
    20. Ahadihunter1
      I'm going to do what you said.. been practising .. lol
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    11 Dec 1987 (Age: 30)
    Montreal, Canada

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