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23 Sep 2018 at 17:10
18 Nov 2010
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Essex, UK

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Angel headed hipsters, Male, from Essex, UK

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Engaged in conversation, 23 Sep 2018 at 17:10
    1. el2k
      sent a pm!
    2. The_Crapman
      Well somehow he's never lost money on a car, so managed to save enough while driving one to afford the next.
      I know a fair bit. Used to be seriously into my cars, subscribed to evo for about 10 years and used to read the odd Banzai et al, but drifted away from it a bit. Was always a fan of rice burners and hopefully will get my hands on an rx-7 with a 20B in it one day. That and my F40 and Zonda 760RS.....:worried:
    3. The_Crapman
      Dam this is an old message. Ha ha. My mate's had a slight remap so had about 350bhp. He's since had a Mk1 Tuscan and currently has a 996 turbo x50. Git. Lol
    4. The_Crapman
      Is that the TT Spura? My mate used to have one and before he had a red non turbo targa. Brilliant cars!
    5. jason11272stacey
      hi buddy recived the rampage i/0 plate thanks mate

      and got it all up and running now the board and the i7 cpu work like a dream mate thanks for a awesome buy buddy all the best jase
    6. AoE
      GTX 580 an expensive item and arrived in perfect condition, fast delivery and excellent comms. Would recommend thetrashcanman to anyone especially with high value items
    7. jason11272stacey
      hey buddy continuing from our talk on ebay :thumb:

      yes that's the rad mate saw you post a link to it in geekbench
      nice choice of pump and top buddy ;)
      i had a EK Supreme 1366 cpu block when i used to watercool before imo it was crap well it was in my system it just slowed the folw rates right down diden't like it at all
      deffo agree with you on the Swiftech Apoge HD 4 port, in white it does look the mutts nutts :)
      i went for the heatkiller rev3 in black and silver because i was hearing awesome review's about it and loads of people on forums said it was the best :) yet to try it out though nearly got all of it alltogether now so i should be starting to build the end of this week if it all arrives :)

      oh and i managed to get a copy of windows 7 pro 64 and 32 bit off ebay full retail used but cheap 54.00 posted :clap:
    8. boiled_elephant
      Are you named after a character in The Stand?

      If so, high five. I just finished that book, it was amazing.
    9. Guinevere
      Bought an iPhone from thetrashcanman via the marketplace forums. Perfect communications, perfect packaging, item as described so a perfect sale. Ta buddy.
    10. dmv915
      Yeah, I ordered the 3350 today and it should be here this Wednesday or Thursday. I'll keep you informed. Thanks for the reply.
    11. dmv915
      Did you end up getting the 3350? Can you check if the hdd is easily upgraded? I heard some issues about the 3450 and the case design preventing a hdd swap that wouldn't void your warranty. I'm seriously thinking about getting the 3350 but the hdd upgrade thing worries me.
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    Essex, UK
    gaming, racing rc cars, building computers, Photography, karting, tennis and drinking


    Asus Strix X99/ Intel Xeon E5 - 2670 V3/ GTX 1070 / Samsung 850 1tb SSD / Samsung 500Gb NVME / Corsair 800D