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8 Sep 2018
11 Mar 2009
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Delhi, India
Uni dropout, writer/photographer

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Is a cackling Yuletide Belgian, from Delhi, India

stonedsurd was last seen:
8 Sep 2018
    1. Cthippo
      I was wondering where you had gotten off to. We missed your plane porn in the photo thread.

      Hope you had a good vacation and glad i could help. ~C
    2. TheBlackSwordsMan
      I found him, I FOUND HIM ! The Relix usurper
    3. BRAWL
      Thankyou sir :D
    4. Elton
      I've got nothing friend, nothing. Job's a scam prospect, the only thing I have to look forward to is sleep.
    5. Elton
      Well bro, life could be alot worse. But then again probably not. :D
    6. Unicorn
      Cheers dude :)
    7. TheBlackSwordsMan
      Indeed, Pip Bernadotte he Is. You know your manga, my friend
    8. Sloth
      Just across the water near Bremerton, area map, so close enough. I'd be up for a meet any time on the 26th, 27th or 28th. Was actually planning on being in Seattle on the 26th with a friend if that could fit your schedule and you don't mind me bring an extra.
    9. knuck
      sorry ! not gonna happen !
    10. Unicorn
      It was definately meant for you mate! The shots you posted of the buildings were incredible. And the ones beforehand as well (of the red brick buildings). Keep up the good work!
    11. rchiileea
      Skype i have
    12. rchiileea
    13. rchiileea
      whats your msn Stoned ill chat to you about board there and may be able to help...
    14. Djayness
    15. Sir Digby
      Sir Digby
      Thank you very much! :)
    16. trucrymz
      I saw somewhere a guy ordered 2 Cosmos S side panels from Coolermaster for only $14.95 each. So it might not be much more for an 840 panel
    17. trucrymz
      If you intend to do bolts around the panel (or anything other than a big rounded rectangle) you swould be better off getting the 840 panel. The HAF's panel has that meshed section that comes really close to the back edge if you were to cut it right off. I used 2sided tape on mine as there just wasnt enough room to do bolts (which would look better considering the military style design.
    18. The boy 4rm oz
      The boy 4rm oz
      Basically you just send an email to a manufacturer and say what you are doing and ask if they could help you out. If you can show them some previous work that you have done that's a bonus as it might entice their interests a little bit more. The sponsor gains publicity, that's basically it. On a major international PC modding and tech forum like this it's basically free advertising to them.

      I am pretty sure there is a guide on how to get modders in the modding section of the forums.
    19. The boy 4rm oz
      The boy 4rm oz
      Hmm, that;s a shame about the PCI-e to PCI, I will look closer into it when it comes time for me to build, I may just have to go with another sound card, perhaps Creative will wan't to sponsor me, or ASUS.

      Yeah I am currently looking for a part time job also. I can afford this mod right now but I would need to dip into my savings and I really don't want to do that ATM.

      Oh I have found a slot load Blu Ray drive for under $300 at Newegg:
      Looks like a winner to me.

      I already had plans drawn up for a HTPC so i am going to be using my original design but shrink it, it will end up being less than half the size lol.
    20. The boy 4rm oz
      The boy 4rm oz
      Those are both very nice cards. Do you know if they make PCI-e to PCI riser slots? I am thinking of using the same card I have in my current rig (Auzentech X-Plosion Cinema 7.1, a fantastic card BTW), I haven't had a problem with it and it pumps out some awesome sound.

      After doing some calculations I have found that my entire enclosure can be a minimum of around 14-15cm tall before the addition of case feet. This allows for 3.5cm for the HDD, 1.5cm for the slot load drive, a 1cm gap for the mobo spacers then another 8-8.5 for aditional cooling ad a couple extra for the sound card. I can under volt 2 140mm fans to 7v and the entire enclosure will be whisper silent and quite cool.
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    Delhi, India
    Uni dropout, writer/photographer
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    Modding, writing, photography