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Windows Animation help

Discussion in 'Software' started by sixfootsideburns, 30 Jul 2009.

  1. sixfootsideburns

    sixfootsideburns modeteer

    6 Feb 2009
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    I'm looking for a program to create video files. (Preferably AVI files) I'm using a 3D CAD program to create hundreds of .bmp's of an animation. The BMP's are of an odd pixel size and I was wondering if there was a good software to edit and create videos from the BMP's. I want to be able to compress the size (scaling down the pixel rate of hundreds of bmp's) and to create different FPS videos. (This depends on how fast/slow I want the animation that I am producing to look.) The 3D CAD program can also generate higher quality TGA's that I might do for some high quality animations.

    What is a good software package/suite that can do this for me? Does Adobe Premiere have all of these capabilities or is there a cheaper alternative?
  2. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    Well I know a tool. It was not designed for this, but has the ability to import a bunch of BMP's and output it into several movie formats, you can add stereo audio to it if you want, or add/create additional animations on top of it. But, for actually movie editing, this is 100% wrong tool to do this. But at least you can export it into AVI and use a different software to do teh rest of the magic.

    The software is Adobe Flash.
    So, here is what you do:
    1- Export your work into BMP, make sure the file name are numbered to make the frame number.

    2- Open Flash, and create a new FLA project of any Action script (your are not programming therefor it doesn't mater).

    3- At the bottom panel of the program you have a button with dimension... click on it, and put the dimension OF THE BMP's (NOT THE END RESULTS SIZE)

    4- On the same bottom panel, you have a "FPS" field. You can put a number between 1 to 120. Put the one that matches the one of your BMP's.

    5- Do File > Import > Import to Stage, and select the first BMP. Flash should prompt you that this BMP is part of an animation and ask you if you want to import them all. Do so.

    5- And voila! Do Ctrl+Enter to view the end results. The default output is a SWF file, which you can put online. But that does not concern you. Once everything is to your liking, do File > Export > Export Movie; from there select the format that you are interested in, and export it.
    As the software is not really optimized to do such task on a large video, it may take time to export it.

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