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Bit-Tech Memorial Thread

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Pookie, 23 Feb 2016.

  1. Pookie

    Pookie So this is permanence, love's shattered pride.

    4 May 2010
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    In hindsight I think you are right, a dedicated thread is more worthy to a lost member :thumb:
  2. boiled_elephant

    boiled_elephant Merom Celeron 4 lyfe

    14 Jul 2004
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    While it may seem morbid to point it out, there will be others eventually. I'm young still, but I do ride a motorbike, after all, and if something were to happen to me I'd want the forum to know. I'd also be happy with my memorial thread, if it existed, to remain un-sticky and to simply have a first-post link to it in this thread. Otherwise, in another decade or so's time, we're looking at most of the first page of Serious just being stickies of deceased members, which is touching but also a tad depressing. (It would also monopolize the Serious section to this purpose.)

    I don't mean to upset anybody by pointing out this unpleasant truth, I just don't think it's any good moving forwards on the notion that more members won't die. Even modders don't get to live forever (sadly). We may as well figure out here and now if we want one stickied thread, or a dedicated graveyard of a Serious section.
  3. TheBlackSwordsMan

    TheBlackSwordsMan Far over the misty mountains cold

    16 Aug 2009
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    Anyway, with the number of actual members and new threads, it will take 2 years before THEIR threads slip on page 2.

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