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Displays Blank Display

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by greshoff, 24 Aug 2011.

  1. greshoff

    greshoff Minimodder

    29 Dec 2004
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    Computer is running XP sp3. This issue started today. What happens windows starts, windows logo and scrolling blue bars appear then the screen goes blank. It has power as one can see the back light. Used system restore and the computer started OK after this however upon rebooting the same blank screen appears. Computer boots OK into safe mode. Any suggestions on what may be causing this? This computer is little used and nothing has changed since it was last used when it was working OK
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  2. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    3 things you can try:
    1- Go in save mode and set the resolution to minimum, reset your computer in normal mode, and see if it works.

    2- Go in Save Mode, open device manager and uninstall the graphic card driver, go in normal Windows, and install them back.

    3- Use a VGA cable (or DVI if you use VGA). Your current cable might be broken, or the port on the graphic card or monitor is broken.

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