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Case Mod - In Progress December project - unnamed

Discussion in 'Project Logs' started by AT0MAC, 2 Dec 2018.

  1. AT0MAC

    AT0MAC ~PC ninja~

    8 Jun 2008
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    Thanks dude.

    If you seen my Instagram today, I have teared down most of the build and looks like the problem was 2 things - one of the rads have a small tear somewhere, so few drops of water have hit the upper graphics card and I guess its dead.

    2nd problem seems to be bend pins in the cpu socket, should have checked that when i bought it, but im so blind and desperate need the glasses i wear.

    Just orded a simple cpu cooler, 212 evo black, so i can test it with at least the 2nd graphics card and see i it boots correct.

    So i have not given up, just need to rethink a few things
  2. kim

    kim hardware addict

    10 Jan 2016
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    I never thought you'd give up of course :grin: I could tell you stories that way of my own , but we never give up, do we? :naughty:...good luck and see you soon for the rebirth...

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