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Blogs Developer Blog: Prototyping and Playtesting Frozen Synapse

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Sifter3000, 21 Jul 2010.

  1. Sifter3000

    Sifter3000 I used to be somebody

    11 Jul 2006
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  2. Material

    Material Soco Amaretto Lime

    13 Apr 2010
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    It sounds like your approach of taking the time to get the core mechanics correct before moving onto the art side of things is the correct way to go about things, but is this easier or harder for a small dev studio like yourselves?

    As a smaller studio I assume you've got more freedom to dictate your own time scale but at the same time you don't have the cushion of cash or other revenue streams the bigger studios do if things take longer than planned.

    It must be a complex balancing act.
  3. PaulMode7

    PaulMode7 What's a Dremel?

    6 Jul 2010
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    Yeah, it is a difficult balancing act. With Frozen Synapse, we were doing a lot of other contract work at the same time, so we basically had the luxury of saying, "We'll just work on the mechanics until we're happy", which I think is very important. If the balance of our work changes in future, then timing will become a lot more important - it's a massive struggle. I truly believe that indie games aimed at a broadly hardcore audience now have to have quite a lot of depth to them in order to be successful - there are so many great free "short" or "small" games out there that you really just can't compete. The only way to get good gameplay depth is through a lot of iteration of the mechanics.
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