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Windows FLAC player for Win 7 & Android 2.2

Discussion in 'Software' started by l3v1ck, 6 Jan 2011.

  1. l3v1ck

    l3v1ck Fueling the world, one oil well at a time.

    23 Apr 2009
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    Can anyone recommend a good FLAC player for Windows 7?
    I use itunes at the moment (as I like the layout and the way it works), but it doesnt support flac.

    Also I was wondering if its possible to get FLAC to play on android phones. That would save me having to buy a media player that supports it.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Xonar

    Xonar New Member

    2 Nov 2009
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    I use Foobar2000 personally, not as pretty as Itunes or easy to use but there's a large selection of plug-ins available and it'll do FLAC no problem.
  3. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    I use Windows Media Player 12 64-bit. Simple, fast, elegant, and does a great job (I know WMP sucked for all these years, but it changed).

    I forgot if you need a codec for it, but if you do, I use Shark007 codec pack. It's not any other codec pack. This one is specially (and the only one done that way) focused and designed around Windows Vista and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64-bit versions). It provides you with the best experience possible. Install once and forget it, you can enjoy any video's and audio's without even thinking about about the codec pack. See even I, completely forgot if Windows Media Player 12 needed a codec to play this format. It feels like Windows Media Player/Center can play everything, natively and perfectly.

    And with Windows Media Player re-work from scratch, it's a very good multimedia player (thanks Zune team for making this possible). The player is fast, light, very responsive, and unlike iTunes, you don't need 10 super computers to run smoothly.

    32-bit: http://shark007.net/win7codecs.html (install first)
    64-bit: http://shark007.net/x64components.html

    Be sure to uninstall any old codecs, including DivX and RealPlayer which breaks everything under Win7 and Vista. Don't underestimate the website looks and control panel it comes with, it's super well done.

    Once both are installed, to enable Windows Media Player 12 64-bit, simply do the following:
    > Start the Setting Application x64 as true admin (right-click > Run as Admin)
    > Go under the Config tab, and select the radio box set 64-bit player.
    > Go under the Help tab, and click on the Windows File Type Association. Once done, wait a second or two to be sure it's done, then you can close it. Any options selected applies directly.

    Now, any video/audio file that opens with Windows Media Player 12 32-bit will open the 64-bit version instead, and all shortcuts to the 32-bit has changed to the 64-bit. This is great for laptops, as it can potentially (it does for me) save battery life as the CPU has an easier time processing the decoding.
    Last edited: 7 Jan 2011
  4. smc8788

    smc8788 ...at least I have chicken

    23 Apr 2009
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    +1 to Foobar2000, simple player in its basic form but very customisable. Though TBH any media player would do with the right codecs. As for your other point, I would personally convert it to MP3 since FLAC isn't exactly necessary on a portable player.
  5. DragunovHUN

    DragunovHUN I want to change my name but I also don't

    30 Oct 2008
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    +1 to WMP with the Shark codec pack, in the W7 RC1 days i had a chance to ask a Microsoft rep about FLAC playback when he was talking about WMP and he actually recommended this one.
  6. Ficky Pucker

    Ficky Pucker I

    9 Jul 2009
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    +1 Foobar2000
  7. Pookeyhead

    Pookeyhead It's big, and it's clever.

    30 Jan 2004
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    Winamp plays FLAC files just fine for me.
  8. watson164

    watson164 New Member

    11 Jan 2011
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    Foobar2000, its ugly as sin when it installs but just get a skin pack for it and its a brilliant program

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