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Peripherals Help! static noise with Turtle Beach X12

Discussion in 'Tech Support' started by blackbarrel, 18 Sep 2012.

  1. blackbarrel

    blackbarrel New Member

    28 Aug 2012
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    Today I received the Turtle Beach EAR FORCE X12. I noticed when using that there's noticeable static noise when there's no sound, which gets louder when the headset gamesound is put higher. So if you know what's causing this or a solution please tell me! Thank in advance.
  2. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    Could be several things.
    1-> You are using an onboard sound card. If you want a clear, static free, and much better, more lively and rich sound, you need a dedicated sound card.

    2-> You are using the front case headphone plug (The USB is grounded with the audio connector, so you have static. Use the back computer connector or your computer speakers headphone plug instead.

    If you got the USB version of the headset, then it is the onboard sound chip in the headphone that it either faulty or sucky. Get the normal headphone plug version.

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