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SketchUp Help with the HAF

Discussion in 'Modding' started by stonedsurd, 13 Mar 2009.

  1. stonedsurd

    stonedsurd Is a cackling Yuletide Belgian

    11 Mar 2009
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    I really want to make a Sketchup model of the HAF 932 so that I can plan out my mod in 3D instead of paper as usual (this will also be my first WC, so it can't hurt to be a little more careful).

    Except I'm a complete Sketchup noob. The most complex thing I ever did was design a table :blush:

    Could anyone tell me where/how to begin? I was thinking of using one of the cases at the SCC, using some parts to start from and build the HAF around that. Would the Stacker 810 model be a decent place to start? Or is this method not recommended at all?


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