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Other How to come up with a name?- give a hand

Discussion in 'General' started by Sutura, 5 Nov 2011.

  1. Sutura

    Sutura What's a Dremel?

    23 May 2011
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    Hello to everyone,

    I am Koce and I have been lurking in the forum for a long time, admiring the work of the others. I am so inspired, but I can't really make a step forward right now. I couldn't stay aside though, so I decided that I can support my love for hardware and the amazing work of the other people by making a small site and a blog about computer cases, industrial design and some general messing around in the world of hardware and gaming. The first step was made, I did register an account in Google :) which gave me access to Blogger and Google sites. I am slowly getting to know the interface, since I am not a web designer or something even close. Now its time for the second step and that is to say: I need a name for the domain. I have brainstormed it for quite a while. What I did is: I got a piece of paper and started writing all kinds of words.

    I came with this list basically: shield, case, cover, armor, plating, coat, surface, spike, conceal, quiver, mania, enclosure, index, dispatch box, vault, cage, niche, nacelle, chamber, appendix, guard, scale, chassis, consumer, shifter, shape, form, sturdy, tough, hull, addendum, compendium....well that's most of it.

    I stopped on the word "encase". Dropped the "e", nCase, and changed the spelling: "nKeis" .
    So what do you think about it? Does it sound ok? I will gladly take advice. Please be constructive.
  2. DeadP1xels

    DeadP1xels Social distancing since 92

    30 Nov 2009
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    Your on the right track i quite like what you have come up with don't got for something too long or complex else people forget how its spelt

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