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Music I've been searching for this song for a long time

Discussion in 'General' started by d_stilgar, 1 Dec 2015.

  1. d_stilgar

    d_stilgar Old School Modder

    11 Feb 2010
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    So, around January 2009 I listened to an episode of NPR's All Songs Considered and there was an episode about cover songs. There were some interesting songs covered, but one song really had an effect on me. It was an artist covering herself, but singing a song at the end of her career that was popular at the beginning of her career. The lyrics were deep, about the passage of time, so it seemed really poignant that she would re-record it years later and that the lyrics would carry the weight of age in a way they couldn't when she was young. It was beautifully haunting.

    I've been trying to find it for years. I've gone through episode lists of All-Songs-Considered. I've emailed hosts and tweeted at them. I've done google searches. But I could never find it.

    Well, tonight my wife was watching Love Actually while I was on my computer and I heard a song in the background and it sounded familiar, like it might be the song I've been trying to find.

    It turns out it's Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now. I should feel dumb for not finding it earlier. In any case, here are the two versions.

  2. jinq-sea

    jinq-sea 'write that down in your copy book' Super Moderator

    15 Oct 2012
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    It's a great tune. Joni Mitchell's back catalogue is worth a listen, IMHO!

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