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Other Kitchen gap ideas

Discussion in 'General' started by GeorgeStorm, 15 Nov 2023.

  1. GeorgeStorm

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    16 Dec 2008
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    Easy for one perhaps, will be a blank for now but nothing stopping us changing it in the future I suppose! I also mentioned the sink to the fitter who said the plumber would sort that, who happened to have to come out again this morning to adjust the hob pipe as it's interfering with where the oven should be going :D
    They noticed it as well but said there's no movement in the sink and in theory nothing needs doing as it's a solid piece and the inside of the worktop has been sealed kind of underneath the sink so you can't see it but said they could run a clear bead around the sink as well if we wanted which I said yes to. After they sorted the gas they said just let them know if there are any issues so maybe I'll hold them to that if something does go wrong but hopefully it'll be ok? Not sure what the alternative would have been.
    Haha true!

    Fair enough, I'm not that fussed about having the lighting, we're gone from an old central light fixture where only 2/3 bulbs worked to some downlight which is already a huge improvement!

    Aha in this case I'm the short(er) person so it was kind of a no brainer to raise it at least a bit.
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