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My feedback about Bit-tech

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Mojo, 27 May 2020.

  1. Mojo

    Mojo Well-Known Member

    18 Nov 2011
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    Hey guys,
    Bare with me on this one, it could be long winded or it could be short depending on how much my brain farts as we go through this!

    There has been a realization over the last few days about how chaotic my life can be and has been at times. I've taken couple of days out to reflect on some aspects and to get back to some tranquility :)
    My work has been a huge help over the last couple of years to keep me grounded and stable - I love it and feel I'm at home in what I'm doing.
    There are lots of other areas which I have found keep me grounded; many of which we don't need to go into here but bit-tech is however one of those.

    My life is by no means terrible; and I would not want anyone here to think otherwise, I am of sane mental health and infact life is great... But everyone has ups and downs, good and bad, and we struggle on with our life troubles. Just wanted to set the scene on my motions to write such things and perhaps some reasonings too.

    Anyway...What has been consistent has been Bit-tech. I am, forever thankful to both the staff which keep this place the haven it has become. Perhaps there isn't enough thanks for the hard work which enivitably goes into keeping something like this great ship afloat. The coding behind the scenes, the hidden issues, maintenance, even the troublesome members from time to time (I'm saying nothing @GaryP )
    Thank you for taking the time guys. Thank you for your efforts. I for one appreciate it.

    Secondly - whilst the staff are amazing; the members make it for me. Without them, it wouldn't be bit-tech. The sarcasm, funny wit and constant 50p mockery keeps me entertaine

    For me, this is more than a forum and has become home to many members whom I call friends. These friends I refer to,..I've never met. Most often than not,t have become friends not through voice but through words - through the inbox. Through the msrketplace and general. The forum has helped me through relationship breakups, grieving my mum passing. Through to choosing a new csr and celebrating lifes achievements.
    There is a circle of like minded individuals who have the same addiction as me too - circle of self traders who buy and sell to keep our computer addiction in full flow. These parts almost seem like they can go full circle too! I'd say nerds but that's a strong word around these parts and i never consider myself one of those... Just technically lucky. We'll leave that at that,

    The generosity surprises me; giving away reasonably valued goods to complete strangers. I understand i am one those crazy people but it still surprises me how helpful others have been in a crisis. It does very often go full circle amongst some of these key members.

    Im waffling now.. it's getting late and no doubt many of you have work tomorrow. I wasn't sure how i should wrap this up or even if a conclusion could be made from these trivial moments of madness & confused thought process.
    I'll instead ask myself the question - sum Bit-tech up in 2 words.

    You rock!
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  2. VipersGratitude

    VipersGratitude Well-Known Member

    4 Mar 2008
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  3. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    This man just attempted a hug over the internet. I feel uncomfortable.
  4. MLyons

    MLyons Half dev, Half doge. Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    3 Mar 2017
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    What are these cheeky forum members moaning about now


    We do it for the users (also pays for my alcohol). Most issues aren't hidden at this point. Hence no one currently being able to upload images to the forums...

    We're actually working on something post Corona virus for this :worried:

    :clap::rock::thumb:. The members are what keep the forums alive. Without you it would just be me moaning about naff hardware. in only 2 words... :worried:. The best.
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  5. GaryP

    GaryP RIP Tel

    31 Aug 2009
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    What an utter arse kisser.

    You're right though :)
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  6. adidan

    adidan Guesswork is still work

    25 Mar 2009
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    Cheese Cake

    Trifecta of two words.
  7. Arboreal

    Arboreal Keeper of the Electric Currants

    21 Jan 2011
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    Online (slightly dysfunctional...) 'Family'
  8. edzieba

    edzieba Virtual Realist

    14 Jan 2009
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    They fight for the users!
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