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News Nvidia posts $201.3 million loss

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Tim S, 8 May 2009.

  1. seveneleven

    seveneleven What's a Dremel?

    26 Dec 2007
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    You're wrong. Correct rebranding:
    8800GT -> 9800GT
    8800GTS -> 9800GTX+(this card featured 2 Sli connectors, higher clocks and Hybrid Power) -> GTS250 (different coolers)

    It does seem over the top to rebrand products so often but if the technology underneath is unrivaled why bother designing an expensive new one?
  2. Goty

    Goty Minimodder

    13 Dec 2005
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    Unrivaled? If that was the case, why bother rebranding at all? Oh yeah, that's right, it's so they can charge people more for the same two year old card!
  3. HourBeforeDawn

    HourBeforeDawn a.k.a KazeModz

    26 Oct 2006
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    it was proven that nVidia never once offered CUDA to ATI, so because of that they never bothered with attempting support for it, why would they that would be a waste of money as CUDA in itself is a flawed concept but ehh wont matter much if your concern for CUDA was its conversion of PhysX as thats going to die soon enough with DX11 and OpenCL thats why nVidia was trying to convince the OpenCL comity to use their PhysX but the flip side to that would it would open it up to ATI and have to be license free which is why no one has heard anything further from nVidia and their physX, so far nVidia has made two big mistakes, one is PhysX that was a complete waste of money on their part and two those stupid 3d glasses that the tech itself is about 10 years old and everyone had the smarts to say pass and go a different direction with it. But anyhow Im done ranting, I agree the company gives little concern to its consumers. They just want money...
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