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Multi Old School RuneScape (OSRS)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Hex, 25 Apr 2020.

  1. Hex

    Hex Paul?! Super Moderator

    11 Jan 2002
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    A friend of mine bugged me for ages to play OSRS with him and now it's getting ridiculous as we're actually discussing bonds and membership :hehe:

    The game has seen such a huge surge lately and you can easily see why with all the "covid" related names wandering about.

    Anyone else hopped back on lately? I've even got it on my phone now for mobile mining!

  2. DeadP1xels

    DeadP1xels Social distancing since 92

    30 Nov 2009
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    I started playing it earlier in the year, haven't been on it for a good few months but checked if I remembered my account details a couple weeks back now I've got all this spare time on my hands!

    Got my account up to 99 mage and completed all the quests required for ancient magicks, I'm just a bit lazy with it all, The thought of training up att, str, def before I can do all the fun stuff just seems like effort. I never really got back into the swing of things I think! was going to sell the account to one of those game websites (I know I know...) but it all seemed like too much faffing.

    Will probably end up on it, I've been meaning to get back into a game for some down time!
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