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News Staff changes at Bit-tech and Bit-gamer

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Claave, 6 Jan 2012.

  1. MSHunter

    MSHunter Well-Known Member

    24 Apr 2009
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    Thanks for the warning. Will wait at least 3 months before renewing my CPC sub. will have to see if the new guys will remember to do full tech. reviews with proper data or not.

    Well at least the forum will still be here.
  2. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    Don't worry, CES will be getting the attention it deserves in due course. Trust me, I'm a doctor^Wjournalist.
  3. Unicorn

    Unicorn Uniform November India

    25 Jul 2006
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    Well, with my neglection of the "artlcle discussion" section of the forum, the "Articles" section of the site and my general absence from the forum for these first couple of weeks of Janurary, I completely missed this.

    I'm not really sure what to think. Part of me is sad to see JG go, along with whoever else has left as a result of these changes, but part of me also has to remind myself that despite having all current issues of CPC, I haven't taken the time to sit down and actually read one article from any of them for the past 5-10 issues. I'm truly ashamed to admit that, but it's true. I let my subscription run out last month by accident and had the intention of renewing it before the next issue is released, but to be honest I'm not getting the value out of it that I used to. That's not to say it isn't still a great publication and the best read for performance hardware, customization and overclocking in the UK, it's just that I haven't been able to stop, sit down and read enjoy it for a very long time.

    I sincerely hope that I can get back into a habit of reading the mag (and the site) again soon, and I also hope that the standard of the mag does not change one bit with the new staff. I still love CPC for what it is; the magazine (and the people) who gave me a massive amount of insight into an industry that I only half knew when I started reading way back at issue one and taught me so much that I couldn't have picked up elsewhere. I also hope that these staff changes don't change the site or the forum too much either. I don't think they will really, as long as everyone welcomes the newcomers with open arms and open minds, and gives them a chance to get to know the place.

    James will certainly be missed in the folding section and on the folding team if he intends on ceasing production for CPC & bit tech - any word on that? The mag will need a new Folding writer too.

    Overall I think this could be very good for bit-tech. What it will do to CPC I'm not really sure, I'll have to pick up the next issue and find out. As far as the forum goes, I have this to say;

    There have been a lot of changes in the bit-tech forum over the past while. If you look hard enough, you'll find that those changes go back about 10-12 months when there seemed to be a flurry of new members signing up and some other changes like mods leaving, staff changes etc. Lately, a lot of people have been talking about the forum as if it's a car sliding uncontrollably down a steep, slippery slope with us all locked inside, but it's not that bad. Nobody can deny that there have been changes. Some members left stating that they couldn't stand to stay because of this or that and some members just don't contribute or even log in as much as they used to. I think the old saying "The Church is the people and their beliefs" is prudent here - an online community is it's members and their interests, and as long as there are still a good number of us here and as long as we continue to do what has always been done on bit-tech then the community and the forum will be absolutely fine. All we have to do is get along as well as possible in the process. I know I'm a little late in saying this, but it's a new year and we have some new staff... let's stop talking about how bit-tech is changing for the worse and make sure that it changes for the better. I think that power lies as much with the members as it does the mods and staff.
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