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Switching Utilities provider

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Kronos, 9 Nov 2013.

  1. law99

    law99 Custom User Title

    24 Sep 2009
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    Someone keeps informing my provider of an erroneous transfer. I've lived in a new place for almost 5 months and I've not seen a single bill because of this. I've had to make 3 separate complaints... that and they transferred the wrong meter for gas initially.

    SO I''m with you on this one... not sure if saving £4 a bill is worth all the ****ing about.

    The cynical person inside of me thinks this is the point... make it a job and a half and once your in, you wont change.
  2. Gareth Halfacree

    Gareth Halfacree WIIGII! Staff Administrator Super Moderator Moderator

    4 Dec 2007
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    In contrast, my move from Npower to First Utility was simplicity itself. Went through one of the comparison sites to get £50 cash-back (paid about four months after I switched,) filled in the forms, got a few emails, rang Npower to confirm, sat back and waited. A few weeks later, I gave Npower my final reading and F:U my first reading and it was done. A few weeks after that Npower refunded the credit on my account.

    There was one teeny, tiny glitch: somehow, and I'm blaming the comparison site here, First Utility got a very skewed view of how much gas and electricity I use. To the tune of an email saying "based on our estimates, we have set your direct debit to £500 a month." Thankfully, that was easily sorted: First Utility lets you set your direct debit amount to anything you want without direct oversight, only overriding you if it sees that you're getting into considerable debt. A quick edit to £70 later and it's been fine ever since.

    A lot of providers (I'd think most, but don't have the data to back that up) link the tariff to you, not the property. I'm on a fixed deal, and if I move the fixed deal moves with me - and that can happen as many times as I move.
  3. CrazyJoe

    CrazyJoe Modder

    4 Aug 2010
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    Some fixed tariffs have no early exit fee, it's worth looking at them.
  4. mrlongbeard

    mrlongbeard Multimodder

    31 Jan 2010
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    And others have only a wee £30 get out fee.
  5. Kronos

    Kronos Multimodder

    6 Nov 2009
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    Went with Dali gas, phone was answered by a human being within 5 rings and she did not have an Asian accent.
    I had the necessary info to hand, annual Kwh and the gas meter point number and I will now be paying less than I did last year. Not much I admit but every little help.

    New fixed term just wait for switch over to complete and no doubt will wait forever for the couple of hundred quid I am in credit with British Gas to be returned.

    Oh and Npower have still not contacted me which is not surprising with only a 39%customer service rating. Lucky escape there I'm thinking.

    Thanks for all your advice guys.
  6. RTT

    RTT #parp

    12 Mar 2001
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    Indeed, but I can't guarantee the place nor the situation that I might move onto next :)

    Oh dear :duh:

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