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Software Tagging/Organising/etc.

Discussion in 'Photography, Art & Design' started by MadGinga, 8 Jan 2018.

  1. MadGinga

    MadGinga oooh whats this do?

    19 Mar 2009
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    Hi All,

    Looking to sort our rather large collection of digital photos.
    We're nearing to 100k mark and currently they're all sorted into folders by year > date; but we're getting worse and worse at naming the folders and even if we do, some days contain such diverse pics it cant easily capture the contents.

    Ideally I want to be able to tag photos as good/bad, who's in them, location, etc. so that in 10 years time I can find that one photo of my daughter "riding" our cat without having to search manually through 200k photos!

  2. RedFlames

    RedFlames ...is not a Belgian football team

    23 Apr 2009
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    Adobe Bridge can do most of that [also cataloging photos is the whole bloody point of it], and you'll already have it if you have PS.


    The W10 Photos app, it sort-of can do some it [it'll show the info if the file has it, but you can't edit the info] but... well... i've been berating MS about what a mess it is for a while now... It can throw together video montages easy enoguh though if you ever want to do that.

    iPhoto if you're that way inclined. Shotwell on linux iirc.
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  3. veato

    veato I should be working

    15 Jan 2010
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    Lightroom (non-subscription) is being put out to pasture which gets a thumbs down from me. Later this year MacPhun (Skylum) Luminar is getting Digital Asset Management so that might be worth a look. It's not too costly either.

    Also have a look at:

    ACDSee Pro $69.95 https://acdsee.com/en/products/photo-studio-professional
    Photo Mechanic $150 https://www.camerabits.com/tour-v5/
    Darktable FREE https://www.darktable.org/
    Phase One Media Pro SE €189+VAT https://www.phaseone.com/en/Products/Software/Media-Pro/Highlights.aspx
    RAW Therapee FREE http://rawtherapee.com/
    DxO Photo Lab £99/£159 https://www.dxo.com/
    AfterShot Pro £54.99 http://www.aftershotpro.com/en/products/aftershot/pro/

    I believe some of the products simply browse your current folder structure and allow you to add ratings and metadata for searching whilst others build a database of images a la Lightroom. And of course all these options have editing fucntionality in addition to the DAM.
  4. Xir

    Xir Modder

    26 Apr 2006
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    So how would you do that?
    You go through your 100k Pictures, look at each one, say good/bad, then add the contents for the good ones?
    Couple of persons, names, pet names, location, event?

    How many decades are you planning on sorting? :grin:

    (I have the same Problem, but anything more than Year / Event and deleting(!) the bad ones takes more time than I'm willing to invest)
  5. daniduarte

    daniduarte What's a Dremel?

    26 Nov 2015
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    I use Lightroom and I find it excellent for this, tried?
  6. Mister_Tad

    Mister_Tad Will work for nuts Super Moderator

    27 Dec 2002
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    I use Lightroom, however Google Photos is mind-blowingly good when it comes to cataloguing and tagging, mainly because you don't have to do a damn thing (other than associate a face and a name once, if you want to search by name).

    I use the Google Photos sync/backup, don't bother tagging in Lightroom any more, just processing - if I can't find something I'll search in Google Photos, which gives me a time stamp, which lets me hone in on it in Lightroom if I then want to print/edit/send/etc. If I just want to view it on a screen, then I don't even need to go to Lightroom.

    It's smart to the point of being a bit scary - like I can search for "Toyota" and it picks out photos where there just happens to be a Toyota in frame. I can search for "squirrel" and I see all my photos with a squirrel in them, or if I change it to "squirrel eating" it leaves off the ones that aren't.

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