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Storage Useful Snippets for StorageTiering on Windows 10 (11) usind PowerShell

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Stephan Ertel, 28 Jul 2021.

  1. Stephan Ertel

    Stephan Ertel What's a Dremel?

    15 Jul 2021
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    A Whole Guide for getting it to run on Windows 10, here you can find a nice Guide... (NOT BY ME),

    but i've added a guide how to properly exchange/remove a broken disk in a redundant environment and with a rebuilt of the broken disk. And how to mix resilliencies and got it tiered together.

    Here i will collect small stuff, around this topic..

    Force files to be stored always on a specified Tier, not getting moved automatically by the System:
    Keep in mind to let the system some space left :) . To experience great speed and not mention that you are running HDD's, KEEP YOUR PERFORMANCE TIER FREE :) .. I've 220 GB Performance Tier and when i copy 80 GB to it, it went's just through ist with full speed of the SSD Array.. And the automatic optimization works pretty well.. Use it wisely :)

    Pretty simple to do: the Commandlets are:
    Pin files by specifying
    "-FilePath" and the "-DesiredStorageTierClass Capacity"
    (there are other parameters, as well)

    PS C:\Users\Stephan> Set-FileStorageTier -FilePath X:\20348.1.210507-1500.fe_release_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_de-de.iso -DesiredStorageTierClass Capacity
    Force pinning to be executed immediately:
    PS C:\Users\Stephan> Optimize-Volume -DriveLetter x -TierOptimize
    Clear-FileStorageTier simply by FilePath.

    Use "Get-FileStorageTier" to query your pinned Files and more.
    PS C:\Users\Stephan> Get-FileStorageTier -VolumeDriveLetter x
    FilePath                                                       FileSize   DesiredStorageTierClass FileSizeOnPerformanceTierClass FileSizeOnCapacityTierCl
    --------                                                       --------   ----------------------- ------------------------------ ------------------------
    X:\20348.1.210507-1500.fe_release_SERVER_EVAL_x64FRE_de-de.iso 4757782528 Capacity                4757782528                     0
    X:\VHDX\vpn3.vhdx                                              3661627392 Performance             3661627392                     0
    X:\CoronaData\csse_covid_19_daily_reports.sqlite               34824192   Performance             34824192                       0
    PS C:\Users\Stephan> Get-FileStorageTier -VolumeDriveLetter x -PinnedStorageTierClass Performance -PinnedState Pinned       
    That's it for now, Peace ;)

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