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Notebooks Why does Apple have the best trackpads?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Mr-IK, 11 Sep 2013.

  1. Mr-IK

    Mr-IK Member

    12 Mar 2007
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    Hi everyone

    I'm getting used to the thought of my MacBook dying on me within the next year or so, and I'm looking for replacements already.

    The only reason i have a MacBook Pro (Medio 2010) now, is that i got a super-duper discount. I would never in my wildest dreams pay 2000 euro for a laptop again (I'm a student, so...).

    One thing that came to my attention the other day, is that the trackpad is pretty much the most important thing for me right now. I'm fairly sure i will buy a PC the next time around, and i don't really have high demands for the hardware, besides the trackpad.

    The MacBook has totally convinced me that a mouse is pretty much obselete for most of my daily tasks, but it's far superior to anything else I've ever tried.

    Why is it that the oldschool PC manufacturers haven't figured out how to make a decent trackpad yet? It's crazy how bad some of them are when you try them in the stores.

    What's your experience with trackpads? Are they better the more you pay for a computer? Who makes the best trackpads? Why has no one put more effort into making this vital piece of hardware meaningful and nice to use?
  2. jrs77

    jrs77 Well-Known Member

    17 Feb 2006
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    Apple definately has the best trackpad around in the market and none of the opther manufacturers can offer something like it.

    My guess would be that it has to do with integration into the OS and drivers 110% matching the hardware.

    Best solution for Windows-notebooks on the market - allthough very different - would be the Trackpoint found in the Lenovo Thinkpads, which I find even better than the Apple trackpad to be quiet honest.

    Anyways, you can allways bus the Apple Magic Trackpad and connect it to your Windows PC or notebook.

    If I was you though, I'd get a new 13" MacBookAir on student-discount.
  3. longweight

    longweight Possibly Longbeard.

    7 May 2011
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    Lenovo Yogabook 13 has a better trackpad with far better gestures. Oh and the screen is also a touchpad :)
  4. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    Simple.. Focus.
    -> Apple is the only manufacture that has focus. They spend huge amount of time to calibrate the touch pad ,and select the right track pad technology, model, and manufacture.
    Dell, HP, and so, just gets the best priced touch pad deal, and simply slap it on the laptop, and voila! Done. You figure you how to adjust it with the drivers setting, using a very limited and poorly made driver. It doesn't mater if the laptop cost 2000$, you can still have crap as a touchpad.

    -> Apple drivers are very well polished, and well coded. Not some quick job outsourced to India or China, getting anyone on the street to code.

    -> MacOS navigation is adapted to the touchpad. Like how Windows 8 is adapted to touch screen, MacOS is really on touchpads. That is why you have the Apple Magic Mouse, which is essentially a touchpad in a mouse shape, more or less. And why they have the large touchpad (Magic trackpad) peripheral too that you can buy.

    -> Surface materiel. This goes with my first point, but I wanted to more in depth. The surface of the touchpad is critical. Your finger needs to continuously slide whether the touchpad is dirty with grease from your fingers from previous usage, or clean. And it can't wear out easily.
    OEMs instead of doing this, they put these decor design so that it looks nice (at least what they think looks nice, they really have no tastes... or more like they get designers outsourced with no experience or proper knowledge paying peanuts, to do it), or use a plastic sheet.
    Assuming they use a plastic sheet, they work ok, but as soon as it gets dirty, they are hard to use, they require often cleaning, and also it wears out easily.

    Apple went with a fine texture glass sheet. Which of course, cost a lot to produce. The thin texture allows the finger to slide easily all the time, and not wear out over time.

    Windows 8 has made a lot of improvement for touchpad, to allow it be better. Basically before, Microsoft was hopping that manufactures will do it... Ha! Funny I know!
    Much like the Surface line of product from Microsoft: If OEMs can't do it, let alone a half ass job, better do it yourself. Sadly, Window s8 doesn't catch up to Apple. It still needs more work. But it's a step in the right directoin. I am sure things will improve in Windows 8.2, and so on.
  5. murraynt

    murraynt Well-Known Member

    6 Jun 2009
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    Apple have amazing track pads. Apple hardware is always very well refined even if it is sometimes limited. The iPhone 4 came out and no android phone could come near it until the last few months.

    Acer definitely wins when it comes to the worst track pads though. I have to use a mouse with mine :(

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