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Modding Aqua Computer Kryographics Pascal for Nvidia Titan X Review

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Dogbert666, 23 Sep 2016.

  1. SchizoFrog

    SchizoFrog New Member

    5 May 2009
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    1) I made no comment about it being a bad article.

    2) When did I make any comment about making aesthetic decisions based on reviews or articles?

    3) I'll just go ahead and quote from my original comment:
    4) As for being 'irate', I wouldn't say I was... however, did you expect me to respond positively by being accused of being a regular troll?
  2. jinq-sea

    jinq-sea 'write that down in your copy book' Super Moderator

    15 Oct 2012
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    Think about the people who work to write for this magazine and website. Think about how they feel when you are often to be found criticising their work (or criticising the magazine). I refer you to the discussion of the GTX 1080, during which I thought your comments were very snide. Some may not think of it as traditional 'trolling' but you do take a reasonably squarely daily mail-esque stance with your comments and always seem to be overly critical.

    You did, however, state that this article was not beneficial, and you stated that it benefitted almost no-one. However, I can count on the fingers of two hands people I know of who do find this sort of information, and therefore that's not almost no-one.

    Additionally, you stated that it wasn't beneficial because it didn't enable me to decide exactly which waterblock to buy. That's nonsense. It showed me, undoubtedly, that buying a block for my GPU (which I worked hard to be able to afford) would be an excellent investment. Sure, it didn't make my aesthetic decision for me, yet you implied that it wasn't beneficial to me because it didn't make me buy the Aquacomputer block without further thought.

    What I was trying to convey, with my original tongue-in-cheek comment was that you are very quick to criticise articles, and make fairly limited contributions to the rest of the forum. I'd ask that you play nicely, and don't bash other people's work so callously.

    In return, I apologise for any upset I caused. I think it an honour to moderate this forum, and I want it to be a harmonious place full of reviews of all sorts of kit, including one-off crazy purchases like this GPU and accompanying waterblock. If, however, you'd still like your account deleted, I'll be happy to do it for you.

    Bit-tech - keep up the good work. It keeps me buying stupid things.
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  3. Anfield

    Anfield Well-Known Member

    15 Jan 2010
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    Just because the target audience for this specific block is extremely tiny doesn't mean an article about it has little to no value, especially since its giving much needed exposure to alternatives to EK products.
    Besides that, the absolute majority of the information applies to the 1070 / 1080 blocks as well as both the cards and blocks are very similar.
  4. Vault-Tec

    Vault-Tec Green Plastic Watering Can

    30 Aug 2015
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    I was watching a video on Linus Tech Tips earlier. Not with him in it because I find him irritating, but with the other guy.

    He said that the most popular videos ever were the Nvidia Quadro M6000 and the 1080 review.

    Two honkingly expensive products that most people don't buy or use.

    I guess it's the allure of the tech rather than watching because you are going to buy that reigns supreme. Which kind of backs up what I said on the last page about people wanting to see reviews and videos of things they can't afford but still want to know about.
  5. Nexxo

    Nexxo * Prefab Sprout – The King of Rock 'n' Roll

    23 Oct 2001
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    Whoa now. Overreact much? If you can make an offhand remark dismissing an article as useless, I can make a light-hearted remark about staying with the spirit of Bit-Tech as a site of gratuitous computer porn.

    If you can't take it, don't dish it out.
  6. Corky42

    Corky42 Where's walle?

    30 Oct 2012
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    Personally i find reviews of esoteric products more useful than mainstream products, reviews of mainstream products are ten to a penny whereas trying to find a review of niche products can be a nightmare.
  7. Acanuck

    Acanuck New Member

    17 Mar 2011
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    Great review Bit-Tech!
    This answers the very first question that sprung to mind when reading the air-cooled Titan X review.
    The R9 290X version of this article is incongruously what made me excited about water cooling in the first place and convinced me to take the plunge (pun intended).

    Hoping for a watercooled AMD Vega review when they come out too :)
  8. mute1

    mute1 New Member

    16 Sep 2009
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    I found the review very interesting and informative.
  9. The_Crapman

    The_Crapman Don't phone it's just for fun.

    5 Dec 2011
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    God i love aquacomputer. So much copper porn. I just wish they made the terminal out of something more sexy than delrin! Brass would be nice.... :baby:
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