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How many DVDs do you own?

Discussion in 'General' started by PHxS, 4 Jan 2003.

  1. VadimtheConqueror

    VadimtheConqueror I love the little tacos...

    10 Jul 2002
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    hey man, that blows.

    i hate it when people feel that they have a right to take your stuff, or for some other reason feel the need. worst i've had happen to me personally is someone took 10 bucks worth of arcade tokens from the floor while i wasnt paying attention(i was like, 6 at the time, so it was my whole allowance for the month), but a couple of my friends have had a buncha stuff stolen from their cars and what not, it really sucks. hate to hear it.
  2. riggs

    riggs ^_^

    22 Jul 2002
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    MrDT : damn!

    About 2 years ago, my parents house got robbed - they smashed the front door down, and took out tv, video, and my dads computer (think it was an Athlon 800) - we weren't actually that bothered about the stolen stuff as it was all covered by insurance, but it was just the thought of someone being in our house, and we don't know who!

    Like with your robbery, the weird thing was, they left a load of stuff behind which they easyily could of took as well (in the living room, they only took the tv and video, even though there were many other things in there that were worth soo much more. And the room with the computer also contained my dads laptop, his camera (very expensive), a second computer, printer/scanner...)

    The other strange thing was they went upstairs into my parents room and looked through my dads sock draw (where we used to keep loads of change (and I mean loads) in containers) - that was the only draw that was left open (which means the only one they looked in) - how would they know that he used to keep money in there?!?!?

    anywho...it all got sorted and we ended up with a nice 28" widescreen tv, matching video, and the new(er) computer...
  3. PHxS

    PHxS New Member

    8 Aug 2002
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    VadimtheConqueror: You Mooch! Wouldn't bother me any just as long as you are as anal about handling the disks.

    Little Story: I took my copy of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 to exchange it and they have to take the disk out and see if it is in proper shape for store credit. The girl opened the case and popped the disk out, holding it like a frisbee. She proceeds to say that the disk looks like it hasn't even been used. I looked at her with my best stink-eye and said, "Because I never touched the bottom of this disk like you are." I wanted to freak out on her, I truly felt the urge to slap her.

    Anyway, fixed the sig. It was late when I put it up.

    MrDT: That sucks a fierce one that someone would come in and snatch your stuff. At least the bright side is that the things that you really cherish aren't gone. It's a good thing that the majority of small-timers never seem to know the value of things they are looking to steal. It's like, they know what is worth stealing, but the completly dork out when they walk through the door.

    Feelin' ya man, I had two cars that were broken into a total of three times.... in front of my parents house with myself inside. I have a slight paranoia problem now. When I moved out, I watched every car that drove by for about 2 months, I know every face and vehicle that regularly drive by my house. I did the same thing at my parents house. It's partially why I am up this late on the computer. Damn, it's 2:30 a.m., I have to be at work at 8.

    Ryan B.
  4. VadimtheConqueror

    VadimtheConqueror I love the little tacos...

    10 Jul 2002
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    i cant stand it when i see people doing that. it's disturbing to see. heck, even when i rent dvds, i'll take the thing out of the case and i cringe when i look at the bottoms of these things. new release dvds, and the bottom looks like it's been sitting on a desk for a couple years.
  5. PHxS

    PHxS New Member

    8 Aug 2002
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    It just kills me that some people will say that they take care of their CD/DVDs as anally as I do. Then, five minutes later in the car, you see them just tossing their disks all over the place. Hell, I still don't like the idea of CD cases where the disks slide into pockets. It's just the easiest way to carry them all.

    BTW, bought another DVD today! Bought DevilMan to go with DevilLady. Funky translation and tons of cussing, kinda funny the amount curse words there are in 100 minutes.

    Collection is at 321! I can see it now, just enough money to keep the electricity on so I can watch movies. :sigh:

    Ryan B.
  6. sinizterguy

    sinizterguy Dark & Sinizter

    25 Jul 2002
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    Got two more to add to my collection now. Up to 32 or so

    Magnificient Seven
    Bad Boys
  7. fathazza

    fathazza Freed on Probation

    20 May 2002
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    176 if u include the ones ive got in the post...

    i need to kick this habit its getting tooooooooo amn expensive.........:wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :wallbash: :nono: :nono:

    in response to star wars on dvd.

    u can get em from hong kong etc.

    and if u get the right version they come from laserdisc masters and do have dolby digital. a mate of mine has them and theyre pretty good quality. Pretty avialable on ebay..

  8. Moreland

    Moreland banned

    16 Jan 2003
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    Quite a few actually, im gonna start a db for em, so friends can see what i have and borrow of me to watch.

    [Reserved for the list of my DVDs]
  9. joe the dishwasher

    joe the dishwasher Honk

    6 Sep 2002
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    lol i have only got 4 but in only got my dvd player 4 christmas
    i have:
    -two james bond films
    -the matrix
    -monty python and the holy grail:D
  10. PHxS

    PHxS New Member

    8 Aug 2002
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    joe the dishwasher: You have some Python, so you are on the right track. Heheh

    The Moreland: Get it up man, I wanna see it. (oh, now that is going to be taken out of context, but i'll leave it because it is funny).

    Update: Bought two more DVDs today, the first two of the Hellsing series. Collection is at 323.

    Ryan B.
  11. kiwi-x

    kiwi-x New Member

    16 Jan 2003
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    i only have afew dvd's
    -the nightmare before christmas (a favorite)
    -Pi (i don't think the math.Pi sybol exists in ancii)
    -vanilla sky (just bought)
    -death to smoochy (funny:D )
    -brotherhood of the wolf
    -the dark crystal (my brother's)
    a few more

    but the important things to mention here are
    1. i do not own a dvd player/drive on any sort
    2 my roommate (flatmate) does however, and has a collection of over 600 (i just re-alphabatized it for him, last week)
  12. PHxS

    PHxS New Member

    8 Aug 2002
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    kiwi-x: The Dark Crystal is one of those kick@ss classics. I haven't seen pi yet, though I have heard that is was pretty good. What are your thoughts?

    Update: None, but i'm sure that two more will be added soon. The last two Hellsing DVDs will be bought by Thursday, the series is that good! I highly reccommend it if you are a fan of anime.

    Ryan B.
  13. ToM

    ToM mmmm, blud

    14 Aug 2001
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  14. kiwi-x

    kiwi-x New Member

    16 Jan 2003
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    Pi is great.. my opinion might be biased thought, as this movie is about mathematical theory (very general) and my being a physicist...

    next.. i'm quite the fan of anime, but i never got to liking hellsing.. i really do like 'noir' though :clap: one of my favorites :clap:
  15. Evilbob

    Evilbob New Member

    28 Apr 2001
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    That is a quality film, got it on both DVD + video Tim burton is a god I have beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands by him aswell :D its my g/f favourite film in the world ever but she lost her copy to her old primary school when she took it in (years ago)... was the first christmas present I bought her Our collection currently consists of :

    The Crow - First one i ever bought
    Nightmare Before Christmas
    Transformers Series One
    Count Duckula Collection
    Button Moon Collection
    Lilo and Stitch
    Monsters Inc 2dvd version
    Dr Strangelove
    Lawnmower Man
    Muppets Take Manhatten
    Monty Python - Holy Grail , Life of Brian, Meaning of Life

    I have about 20+ vids also in that collection and most of them it would be nice to have on DVD also.
  16. quack

    quack New Member

    6 Mar 2002
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    I've got 88, see sig for details :)
  17. samuelellis

    samuelellis New Member

    19 Apr 2002
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  18. fathazza

    fathazza Freed on Probation

    20 May 2002
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    ok, heres what i have tho there are undobutadley some ive forgotten because im not at home at the moment and so cant check easily.

    Sorry about lenght of post ;)

    At Last count ive got about 120 Divxs (that dont overlap), ill post that too if anyone is interested.

    The Abyss R1
    Alien R1
    Aliens R1
    Alien3 R1
    Alien Resurrection R1
    Angel: Season 1 R2
    Apocolypse Now Redux R1
    Army of Darkness (ED 3) R2

    Battle Royale R0
    Batman R1
    A Better Tommorow R2
    The Black Sheep Affair R2
    Blue Juice R2
    Brother R2
    Bringing Out the Dead R2
    Bad Taste R1
    Blade R1
    Blade 2 R1
    Bulworth R2
    Buffy: Season 1 R2
    Buffy: Season 2 R1
    Buffy: Season 3 R1
    Bullitt R2
    The Big Blue R2

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof R2
    Carlito's Way R2
    Clockwork Orange R1
    Conan the Barbarian R2
    Conan the Destroyer R2
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang R2
    The Corruptor R2
    The Crow R2
    The Cross of Iron R2
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon R2
    Cocktail R2
    Chopper R2

    Das Boot R2
    The Dead Zone R2
    Die Hard R1
    Die Hard 2: Die Harder R1
    Die Hard with a Veng, R1
    Dirty Harry Boxset
    Dirty Harry
    Magnum force
    The Enforcer
    sudden Impact
    Dirty Harry and the deadpool
    all R2
    Dobermann R2
    Drive R2
    Dr No R2
    Desperado R2
    Dogma R2

    EL Mariachi
    The Evil Dead -Book of the dead edition R1
    The Evil Dead 2 R2

    The Faculty R1
    Falling Down R2
    Full Metal Jacket R2
    Fast and the Furious R2
    Fight Club R1
    Friday R2
    From dusk till Dawn R2

    Ghostbusters R2
    Ghost Dog R1
    Gladiator R2
    The Godfather 1 R2
    The Godfather 2 R2
    The Godfather 3 R2
    Gone In Sixty Seconds R2
    The Great Escape R2

    La Haine R2
    Highlander SE R1
    Hard Boiled Uncut R2
    Human Traffic R2

    Jurassic Park R0

    Knight Rider 1 R2
    A Knight's Tale R2
    Kickboxer R2
    The Killer R0

    League of Gentlemen S1 R2
    League Of Gentlemen S2 R2
    The Limey R2
    Lock Stock and 2 SM R2
    The Lost World R0
    Lord Of The Rings -Colectors Boxset R2

    Mad Max R2
    The Matrix R1
    The Mummy R1

    Oh brother where art Tho R2
    Once Were Warriors R2

    Predator R1
    Police Academy R2
    Police Story R2

    Rainbow-My Mate Zippy R2
    Raw Deal R2
    Red Heat R2
    Red Sonja R2
    Red Dwarf S1 R2
    Red dwarf S2 R2
    Return of the God of Gamblers R2
    Revenge of the Nerds R1
    Revenge of the Nerds 2 R1
    Robocop Criterion R0
    Robocop 1 R2
    Robocop 2 R2
    Robocop 3 R2
    Robocop Prime Dir (4discs) R2
    Rocky 1 R2
    Rocky 2 R2
    Rocky 3 R2
    Rocky 4 R2
    Rocky 5 R2
    Ronin R2
    Run Lola Run R1
    Rush Hour R2

    Saving Private Ryan R1
    The Simpsons S1 R1
    Sleepy Hollow R2
    Spaced Season 1 R2
    Spaced Season 2 R2
    Scum R2
    Society R2
    Shadow of a Vampire R2
    Surf Nazis Must Die R0
    Shallow Grave R2
    Sanke in the eagles Sahdow R2
    Total Recall R2
    Taxi R2
    Taxi 2 R2
    The Terminator R2
    T2 R2
    Three Kings R1
    The Thing R2


    Vampires (john carpenters)
    Willow R1
    Woodstock R2
    Withnail & I R2

    X-men R2
    X-files S1 R1
    X-Files S2 R2

    The Young Ones S1 R2

    Underworld Everything Everything
    Public Enemy Live At The House Of Blues (DTS/5.1)
    tribe Called Quest -The Anthology
    Massive Attack -Singles
    Last edited: 21 Apr 2003
  19. fathazza

    fathazza Freed on Probation

    20 May 2002
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    Evil bob i didnt know button moons is out on dvd, gonna have to get that.

    Im still waiting for Trapdoor tho :)
  20. |Jedi|

    |Jedi| New Member

    29 Oct 2002
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    Disney's Fantasia

    Disney's Fantasia 2000

    Evangelion 0:1, 0:2 and 0:3

    Gorillaz Phase One: Celebrityn Take Down

    Moby's Play: The DVD (DVD and music CD)

    Beastie Boys Video Anthology (2dvd)

    Artificial Inteligence

    The Godfather Deluxe Boxset (5 DVD)

    Gladiator (2 DVD)

    Blade Runner

    Letal Weapon 4

    Cast Away (2 DVD)

    Saving Private Ryan (2dvd)

    The Longest Day (2 DVD)

    Leon or "The Profesional"

    The Matrix

    Final Fantasy (2 DVD)

    James Bond's Dr No (my first DVD)


    Monsters Inc. (2 DVD)

    Star Wars EP I (2 DVD)

    Star Wars EP II (2 DVD)

    ... and waiting for SW EP III, IV, V and VI. Indy Jones Trilogy and much more. Next one is going to be Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

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