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Apple ordered a brand new imac 24" and it was dead

Discussion in 'Software' started by Sc0rian, 13 May 2008.

  1. DreamTheEndless

    DreamTheEndless Gravity hates Bacon

    27 Jan 2004
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    @Firehed - As always, I enjoy reading your posts. I enjoyed arguing with you before you came over to the light side and now it often seems that I don't need to post in a thread because you have a post that covers all of the points that I wanted to go over. Perhaps it was wrong to "feed the troll" - but sometimes you can't leave things be without at least trying to clarify.

    As for everyone, we should cut Goodbytes a little slack - he's only 20... Back in the day, I had the energy to build all my own computers and frequently reinstall windows (because windows runs best if it's less than 1 year from date of install, I would usually reinstall every 8 or 9 months or so.).

    Now I have a computer that "Just works"

    I have a decade of professional experience in the tech industry. I have been using computers since about 1985 +/- (Goodbytes was born in 87)

    I write software for Windows at work every day for 10 hours a day on a dell laptop. The machine was re-imaged in March of this year, so it's mostly stable. In the last several months, I've averaged probably only about 2 freezes / crashes per month - that's not bad for a windows machine.

    When I go home, I use my MacBook Pro for everything. I can't remember when the last time my MBP crashed or locked up was. I leave it on 24/7. It sleeps quickly, wakes from sleep nearly instantly. (My dell has problems sleeping sometimes and often when it is sleeping, it does a full reboot instead of waking. It's a brand new lattitude d630)

    As far as anyone saying that Apples aren't for "power users" - Pfffffff
    Macs run Unix. With a capitol 'U'. You can log in as root if you need to. You can write code to utilize things like the light sensor or motion sensors. (Check out things like MacSaber) A "Power User" on a mac can make it do anything with relative ease. (Well, anything except what sotu1 likes to do to his computers... :) )

    Anyway - the point of all this - bah I don't remember the point anymore. Have to go now. (Wish I could "save a draft" Will clean this up later.)
  2. Sleepy_Sentry

    Sleepy_Sentry What's a Dremel?

    30 Jun 2008
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    You have just committed a logical fallacy. The particular one in this case is affirming the consequent. Your comparision is illogical. Look at this example:

    Spark is a German Shephard, and he is a mammal, therfore he is a dog.
    Molly is a Greyhound, and she is a mammal, therefore she is a dog.

    Mammal=German Shephard=Greyhound=Dog.

    Is a Greyhound the same as a German Shephard? No. Just as my example contention doesn't hold up, neither does yours. Though I agree with you that PCs and Macs are the same (due to their nearly identical hardware standards), the means by which you go about proving so are not kosher. Perhaps it is your brain that is not properly connected.
  3. Bbq.of.DooM

    Bbq.of.DooM Custom User Title

    12 Feb 2005
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    better example

    Socrates was a man

    Therefore, all men are socrates.
  4. GoodBytes

    GoodBytes How many wifi's does it have?

    20 Jan 2007
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    Your logic makes sense...
    You say that a graphic calculator cannot be recognized as a calculator, as a calculator is the - what we refer as- basic non-scientific calculator that we all know about. They both calculates. A computer is the same as a graphic calculator with a different OS, higher resources, more software, different keypad layout and support more peripherals, and has a color screen with a higher definition.
    All 3 are different TYPES of Calculators... but they are still calculators.
    A MAC is the a different type of calculators, but the general technology used between each devices consist of the same (CPU, RAM, mobo, all uses electricity to transform binary values, etc...). I also Google Image both animals, and seriously.. they look like dogs ;)
  5. Gravemind123

    Gravemind123 avatar not found

    26 Aug 2006
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    A Mac is nothing more or less then any other computer, except that it can run Mac OS X in compliance with the OS X EULA. Non-Macs can run Mac OS X and Macs can run Windows, so the only real distinction you can make is that a Mac can run OS X in compliance with its EULA.

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