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Other So Long and Thanks for all the Fish

Discussion in 'General' started by Guest-23315, 9 Dec 2011.

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  1. dullonien

    dullonien Master of the unfinished.

    22 Dec 2005
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    I've never been the most active of members on this forum, despite being a member for some time. Mankz has always stood out as a member as I lurk the forums, and it's a pitty to see you go.

    I've not come across much of the proplem member you talk about, but that's because I very rarely venture into the gaming/general areas of the site. I do agree about the quality of the articles etc. which is nowhere need what they once were. However The Project Logs section of the site is still going strong with some awesome projects on the go all the time.
  2. thehippoz

    thehippoz New Member

    19 Dec 2008
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    I used to like tims articles.. but I came in pretty much right when he left- same with bindi but he still posts (and bet he has a hot asian gf by now =])

    liked your posts mankz.. hope you have a good life and lots of red hair moments..
  3. KayinBlack

    KayinBlack Currently Rebuilding

    2 Jul 2004
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    All of us have noticed a downhill slide, if you've been here a while, and most of the older ones have stopped posting because the some of the newer ones are such pretentious idiotic gits. There are always good and bad, but it used to be self-policing. People who didn't fit with our worldview found the door, and found other sites they fit with better. But with the Dennis acquisition of Bit, we combined with another forum that didn't share our worldview, and the things that made Bit Bit have all but disappeared. I hardly post like I used to, there's little point in amongst the dumb. The average level of understanding has fallen considerably, the articles are the same chaff as everywhere else, and the overall populace has gone from being intelligent, articulate computer users to a slightly cleaner version of 4chan newfaggotry. I say slightly, there's plenty of F-bombs to go about these days.

    Mankz found there was too little to keep him here. Many of us are lurking more because there's less and less keeping us here. The merge with Dennis coupled with the departure of a fair few of the people who have made this place what it is has pretty much just about killed Bit. There are a few of us who stick around for Serious discussions (when we can keep the kids from ruining them) but those are getting trashed more and more often.

    Great projects or no, it's gonna come to the point that people ONLY post in Project logs, or even decide to forsake that. And I think that the damage is done, it's too late to stop the slide into mediocrity. If we could somehow ban the jerks of the new crowd (there's always good and bad) and get rid of Dennis (and bring back Bindi) we might could recover, but as I see it now we're doomed to destruction. Just a matter of time.

    If you find a new PC forum that's decent Mankz, drop me a line. As for here, I've pretty much finished with everything but project logs and Serious. Too little to keep me interested in butting my head against the wall.
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  4. yodasarmpit

    yodasarmpit No longer the other Brett.

    27 May 2002
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    Break a leg dude ................. oh wait :)

    Your going to be missed, shame it's come to this.
  5. logonui

    logonui Member

    21 Feb 2008
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    Personally I think that the "Whats ruining my life thread" can only be a good thing. If someone feels the need to vent, it gives them a place to do so rather than littering the forum with stuff that doesn't really fit in the with the general Bit-Tech theme. I know I have used it in the past and it's a way of getting stuff off my chest.

    Having said the above, I notice that although I'm not in the group mentioned, I've been here less time than quite a few of them. If my comments and view points have contributed to people leaving then is sincerely apologise. If anyone has an issue with me, please feel free to PM me and we can talk things over away from everyone else. Issues between a couple of people have no place in a public forum and could probably be sorted out in a much more grown up manner when you take that out of the equation.
  6. DeadP1xels

    DeadP1xels Music Enthusiast

    30 Nov 2009
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    I agree but alot of people don't think of it in that way and people situations differ

    Something that might be affecting someone might seem laughable by someone elses standers and i've seen arguments occur because of it

    I personally use it alot no matter what is just because if i don't vent somewhere i'll explode.

    What i thinks dissapointing is i feel theres a rift now between two groups the new users like me etc the old timers who happen to be here for the older Bit-Tech i don't feel like im welcome anymore and that the forum has been dampened because of us maybe im wrong but i feel bitterness towards anyone new.
  7. longweight

    longweight Possibly Longbeard.

    7 May 2011
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    I enjoy the general threads for what they are, funny and stupid. I think the issue is that this has spilt over into the hardware / gaming threads so you get stupid flaming comments in threads that are asking for help. This just sets people off and I find it annoying when you get stupid posts in the wrong threads.
  8. Shadowed_fury

    Shadowed_fury Active Member

    21 Nov 2003
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    I think i've been here a bit longer than you and I don't really post here much anymore for the same reasons as you, but dude your a legend. Sad to see you go, but I get why.

  9. mars-bar-man

    mars-bar-man Side bewb.

    17 Apr 2009
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    Already miss the gingerlessness..
  10. Smilodon

    Smilodon The Antagonist

    25 Mar 2003
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    There are lots of new members that are able to behave. Personally I can't remember your name in a negative context, so you are probably not the problem. (Not that I have paid that much attention lately, though.) Sadly it's the few that ruins it for everybody else.

    Back in the day we had a few rules on this forums. One of them said that If you haven't got anything constructive to say, then don't post. It seems like this have gotten less strict over the years. Even Mankz were known as a "spammer" back in the day although most of his posts were constructive, and never condescending.
  11. Zurechial

    Zurechial Elitist

    21 Mar 2007
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    Sad to see you go, Mankz; but I can understand why. The very fact that this thread got as many idiotic/trolling/flaming responses as it did just goes to show the state of things these days.
    That wouldn't have happened 2-3 years ago, much less before that. (I lurked for years without registering, before anyone nitpicks.)

    The tone of the forums plummeted when the CPC refugees joined bit, and while plenty of the people who came here from CPC originally have since contributed positively to the forums, I've always felt that the overall state of the place has never quite recovered as far as I can see; and I've always had the impression that people are afraid to say it for fear of seeming xenophobic, insular or clique-y.
    On top of that, the vague group mentioned as being at the core of the problem is one that has gotten on my nerves plenty of times in the past; but woe betide anyone getting in the way of them having their fun and being so devoid of happiness as to expect better standards from the forum.

    The fact that the site itself is going downhill, as is the forum these days; makes a decision like this very easy to understand and to empathise with.
    I haven't reached that point just yet myself, but every day I see more and more here that pushes me there.

    Thanks for your contributions to the site, to the modding scene and to the forum in general, Mankz.
  12. GeorgeStorm

    GeorgeStorm Aggressive PC Builder

    16 Dec 2008
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    Always sad to see such a long time member leave a forum for whatever reason.

    I'm not entirely sure of the reasons, but hope you do pop in from time to time to see what's going on :)
  13. Matticus

    Matticus ...

    23 Feb 2008
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    Posting for the first time in ages just to say bu-bye.

    I too have slowly moved away from bit-tech as of late. I think I slipped away of my own accord rather than feeling like I couldn't or didn't want to stay.

    Stay classy, Mankz.
    Last edited: 12 Dec 2011
  14. murraynt

    murraynt Well-Known Member

    6 Jun 2009
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    Ahh mankz.I never really seen you much on here as I didn't go into the modding section much. But never the less it's sad to see you go.

    Pop onto the BF3 server when you get your new rig :)
  15. Elton

    Elton Officially a Whisky Nerd

    23 Jan 2009
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    Farewell man. Hope to see ya. Shame I didn't join earlier.
  16. identikit

    identikit Active Member

    5 Jun 2004
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    Hit the nail on the head.

    See ya Mankz. GG Have fun.
  17. Arkanrais

    Arkanrais New Member

    14 Jul 2007
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    A great pillar of the community has fallen. It's sad to see you go.
    Probably noone will recognise me, but I've been here for a fair while, mostly lurking and watching as things come and go. I've also noticed the steady decline in all that was Bit.
    I think KayinBlack hit the nail on the head with his last comment, though I'm not going to reiterate what I think has been the downfall on this once glorious site.

    Good luck in your travels.
    P.S. got any recommendations on PC/tech sites floating around out in the greater interwebs?
  18. Fizzban

    Fizzban Man of Many Typos

    10 Mar 2010
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    I've got a pretty good idea who he is talking about, and I think most do. No need to name them, and besides it would be a little unkind.

    Never spoken to Mankz as far as I can remember, but I've had a good chuckle at some of his posts. Take it easy mate.
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  19. mvagusta

    mvagusta Did a skid that went for two weeks.

    24 Dec 2006
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    Respawn in 10, 9, 8.....

    Otherwise, cya later and good luck :thumb:
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  20. Cheapskate

    Cheapskate Insane? or just stupid?

    13 May 2007
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    Sad to see you go, man.
    Feel free to visit when the holiday depression wears off.;)
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