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Angel OD
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12 Sep 2016
16 Sep 2007
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24 Feb 1979 (Age: 39)
Engineer Assistant... (Machinist at a University)

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Angel OD

Pump Killer, 39, from Copenhagen

Angel OD was last seen:
12 Sep 2016
    1. Mcbeer
      Hey Angel OD.
      As a fellow dane i will write the rest of this in Danish, so the others can't read the secrects! :O

      Nu kan jeg se du har seriøse skills ved de maskiner du bruger til at lave CPU blokke og alverdens ting og sager, og her var det jeg ville høre dig ad, om du kan, mod betaling selvfølgelig, lave enkelte ting på bestilling? Reelt set er det at skære 2 rektangler og en kort tekst i en 1mm alu plade, så evnerne er der nok, men om du vil og kan er jo en anden side af sagen. Håber at høre fra dig :) Mvh Mcbeer
    2. Gaming_freak_10
      Oh dear... you should add to your profile .. the Mobo Killer as well.. lol!
    3. Gaming_freak_10
      hey Angel,

      I have been re-reading the CarPC mod that you did.. is it still going strong or dead? *prays for going strong*

      Anyway.. LOL on the Pump Killer part on your profile..

      Also I sent you a friend request.. hope you got that!
    4. Druyii
      You clearly have a lot more knowledge about case mods than me, I spend so much time when I should be revising for uni exams looking at different mods in complete amazment. Thing is I want to do a Skyrim case mod for my Antec 300, although my ideas aren't that huge. One thing I wanted to ask you though, this pic shows a brief sketch up of what I was thinking about doing to it. For the side panel, would it work better with the shapes cut out or have them painted on in some way? Not sure :L

    5. Eldest
      Hello Angel 0D! I'm a journalist who'd be interested in writing an article about one of your mods. If you're interested, please visit my profile on bit-tech and send me an email!
    6. KidMod-Southpaw
      One year later than these- happy birthday! :D
    7. Editor22
      Happy Birthday :D
    8. djzic
      Happy birthday mate!
    9. asfastas63
      oh wow! I didn't even see this until today. Funny thing, I googled my handle today to see what would pop up and these messages did, I must have checked the thread a hundred times since I posted, but I never logged back in to check PM's or anything.

      Awesome, I actually just got a cheap G5 case on ebay so when I get home for the summer I can start playing around with it. I also have access to a full machine shop so we'll see if I can make anything interesting happen. If anything comes of it I'll let you know!

      I hope you keep updating your thread, I love the project!
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    24 Feb 1979 (Age: 39)
    Engineer Assistant... (Machinist at a University)
    Cars, bikes, computers... And having too many projects at the same time! :)

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