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Disaster What hardware have you broken?

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Sc0rian, 23 Apr 2003.

  1. RinSewand

    RinSewand What's a Dremel?

    11 Sep 2006
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    A decent list for me...

    Antec Truepower 550 (when they were expensive...)
    DFI Inifinity
    DFI LanParty
    DFI LanParty
    DFI LanParty (yes i blew up 4 inifinity based boards)
    ati x300
    about 6 cd drives
    socket A motherboard (wrong board, right box, stupid manufacturer)
    MSI socket 939 board
    AMD xp1800

    I'm regretting writing that out now...

  2. Smilodon

    Smilodon The Antagonist

    25 Mar 2003
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    Motherboard of a HP Compaq NX8220 (laptop).

    It was sitting on the lower shelf of my living room table. The table have a wooden shelf and a tabletop of glass with a wooden frame around.

    A few days ago I managed to tip over a glass of Pepsi. I have alway thought this could happen, so I always put the PC as far from the edges of the shelf to prevent liquid to get to the computer. However, when the glass tipped over some of the Pepsi started to flow on the underside of the glass. (It got to the edge and stayed on the underside of the glass because of the capillary force) On top of that is started tripping on the middle of the glass, right over the left hinge of the screen, which is the only place it could get to the motherboard... :hehe:

    Talk about bad luck... :duh:

    Not a big deal, though, but now I have to take the damn thing apart...
  3. C-Sniper

    C-Sniper Stop Trolling this space Ądmins!

    17 Jun 2007
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    adding to my old list again.
    ATi Radeon 9550
  4. Thacrudd

    Thacrudd Where's the any key?!?

    27 Oct 2006
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    I was messing with cables in my current comp and my hand brushed the top of my 8800gts 320mb. A tiny little transistor popped off and there are TONS of them on the top of the board, plus a bunch of spots for them to go and theres no way for me to find where it went to. Amazingly, The card has not changed a bit in performance whatsoever. :confused: Besides that, countless phones and 2 xboxes lol.

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