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Your job, is it worth it!

Discussion in 'Serious' started by Mr Happy, 31 Mar 2010.

  1. PabloFunky

    PabloFunky What's a Dremel?

    19 Sep 2010
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  2. vodkas666

    vodkas666 What's a Dremel?

    20 Apr 2011
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    Job: Research Assistant
    Wage: £720pm
    Worth It?
    Hell no, 12 hours a day for 5 days and still taking work home. Need I say more.
  3. KidMod-Southpaw

    KidMod-Southpaw Super Spamming Saiyan

    28 Sep 2010
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    Job: Full time student
    Wage: Whatever I finds, I keeps
    Worth it: Aside all the ******** that goes on in there, only just... I should bloody well hope so, I'm sinking into a deep depression.
    Last edited: 15 Jun 2011
  4. logonui

    logonui Minimodder

    21 Feb 2008
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    Job: Systems Administrator
    Wage: 21K GBP + Company Phone (used for personal calls)
    Worth It: It has it's moments, I get to play with new tech and I like the coding aspect but the money isn't really enough by the time I pay bills etc and I have to deal with arrogant rich people every day...
  5. Scroome

    Scroome Minimodder

    26 Apr 2011
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    Job: Operations Executive
    Wage 50K GBP, Company mobile & Credit Card
    Worth It: The money and perks are great, but the hours can be a b1tch.
  6. asura

    asura jack of all trades

    22 Apr 2009
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    Job: Bespoke jeweller, jewellery repairer, appraiser, front of shop, shop fitter, shelf stacker, cleaner, stock control, purchasing, quality control, customer relations. Self employed/partnership.
    Wage: 1/3 of the annual profit after VAT and income tax.
    Is it worth it? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. On a good day it's sooooo worth it you wouldn't believe. On a bad day? Well, you don't want to know.
  7. Guest-44432

    Guest-44432 Guest

    Job: Contracted Tanker driver for BP
    Wage: 45k+
    Do I like my job: There ain't many jobs that you can start the day off on a barge 1hr boat trip each way, shipping you across to a island to start your days work. Or off to Kimmerigde to load Crude Oil.
    So much variety, that I get job satisfaction.
  8. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy 4 8 15 16 23 42

    25 Apr 2009
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    Ok, i know this thread died a long time ago but thought i would update you guys in my current situation

    Well since i started the thread i worked for Her Majesty's Prison service (HMPS) at Acklington (northumberland)

    Well a LOT has changed, the prison and its neighboring prison were market tested! meaning two prisons joined and became HMP Northumberland, Obviously the government think it is a good idea to have private companies running the prisons, and i am sure many of you wont care who runs the prisons as long as the guilty are locked up.

    Well, private companies only run for profit, what private company wouldn't? But this is one of many problems, you see the more prisoners the government lock up the private company's rub there hands as it is profit. The last i knew of 3 years ago in my prison the cost for a single prisoner upkeep was for 1 year was approx £30,000, well we currently have 1334 prisoners locked up. A lot of money to be had

    A little bit about the job maybe, well, there are 240 prisoners on my unit devided by 3 spurs, so 80 prisoners on each, the staff ratio is 2 Officers to 80 prisoners, 90% of which are drug users, i would say nearly 20% are regular gym users who attend the gym up to 14 times a week, 10% of those will be using steroids ( My figures knowing my prisoners, nothing published or official) So you end up with a not so friendly environment to work in.

    Only yesterday i was involved in a serious incident with a female Officer, a prisoner (gym user) assaulted me so we attempted to restrain him, whilst doing so he had 79 other prisoners chanting his name to big him up, we attempted to call for help 5 seperate times whilst he was trying to punch my head in but no help came, now this only lasted 2 minutes but if you watch the clock for 2 minutes and picture you fighting someone that wants to hurt you ya kind of realize how long 2 minutes is with no help coming.

    So this guy was eventually restrained and taken to a segregation unit for assault, i suppose i am lucky to be in one piece along with my colleague.

    Am i going off track here, well it was a slight insight into what i deal with under HMPS, god help when this major FRENCH company takes over and f*** everyone over to make money

    SO: My Job is it worth it- NO
    Wage £29000 ( well just under to be honest)
    Does anyone care about me: SOME fellow colleagues
    Thoughts about new FRENCH company: SUCK MY BALLS
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  9. GeorgeStorm

    GeorgeStorm Aggressive PC Builder

    16 Dec 2008
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    Job: Student Intern at Schlumberger
    Wage: 21k
    Do I like my job: Overall I think so, most of the 'issues' I have with my job aren't specific to this job, but more about jobs in general :p Although I'm genuinely unsure whether I'll be looking for a desk based job once I graduate.
    Is it worth it: Definitely :)

    Only got it for a year before heading back to uni to finish my degree, I've learnt a lot already (started in June), and the team I'm working with are great, I've actually found myself wishing I had a more people based role, which isn't something I ever would have expected (I'm doing stuff to do with software)
  10. rollo

    rollo Modder

    16 May 2008
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    Job: Head of ICT development Engineering ( Basically Server Stuff they like there fancy titles)

    Wage : £60k + ( get company mobile + car + pension )

    Is it worth it? Cash wise sure, Do I like what I do it has its days, Would prefer to be out doors than stuck in an office or server. Also get to do recruitment which is a royal pain in the butt. Also has wierd hours ( start at 5-6am most days finish between 2pm and 8pm depending on the day ) Alot of travel ( I aint a good flyer never have been ).
  11. C-Sniper

    C-Sniper Stop Trolling this space Ądmins!

    17 Jun 2007
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    Well now that I have graduated with double engineering degrees...

    Nightclub and event photographer, landlord, tutor, business owner

    $1500/mo but rapidly expanding.

    I'm mainly just doing this in the short term while I apply for real jobs


    Is it worth it?

    Free club entry, meeting performers, LOTS of ladies, and a night time schedule that I enjoy... so yeah I guess it is
    Last edited: 15 Sep 2013
  12. Margo Baggins

    Margo Baggins I'm good at Soldering Super Moderator

    28 May 2010
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    Job: SMB IT guy

    Wage: £24k plus phone/laptop etc

    I look after maybe 40 odd servers, a couple of hundred desktops and deal with helping my clients plan and execute IT strategies. I also do consultation jobs for other business and help their IT departments.

    Is it worth it?: I don't think so, I think my wage is mediocre.
  13. David

    David μoʍ ɼouმ qᴉq λon ƨbԍuq ϝʁλᴉuმ ϝo ʁԍɑq ϝμᴉƨ

    7 Apr 2009
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    I manage a small sales and distribution office.

    Salary is around £30k.

    I like the job - it's more about the people you work with than what you do. It's a step up from my previous job, because my annual commute has dropped from 35k miles to around 6k miles, meaning I get to spend three extra hours a day with my family.

    Yeah, it's probably worth it.

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  14. Weekly_Estimate

    Weekly_Estimate Gives credit where its due

    1 Feb 2010
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    I work in a well known bookmakers

    Salary is around £10k.

    I like the job because the people i work with are great, i have amazing bosses, and it helps pay the bills.

    more money would be nice though.

    ps : younger members of bit - tech work your backsides off in school, it pays off in the end.
  15. teacherboy

    teacherboy Part Carbon/Nylon/Bovine

    29 Jan 2012
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    Secondary school physics teacher

    £37,124 (as of next salary payment - currently £36,756)

    Looking at others salaries I'm clearly in the wrong job!

    Still what job gives 14 weeks a year holiday and the never ending satisfaction of taking the mickey out of teens all day long.
  16. 13eightyfour

    13eightyfour Formerly Titanium Angel

    9 Sep 2003
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    Well a lot has changed in the last 3 years. I went back to being employed as it has stability benefits needed when you have a family to support.

    Job: Project Manager (Utility Arb)
    Wage: £25k + Phone/Skoda Yeti/2 bonus a year + random bonus for productivity and share options.
    Worth It: Yes, Its an industry that many don't realise exists (We stuggle to fill vacancies). I spend nearly all my time at work outdoors mainly walking through the countryside and chatting to farmers/landowners etc..
  17. Harlequin

    Harlequin Modder

    4 Jun 2004
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    tree hugger ;)
  18. Archtronics

    Archtronics Minimodder

    27 Jun 2006
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    Job: Techy for well known computer store ;)
    Minimum Wage.
    Worth it: No, having to implement services with next to no support often spend hours going round in circles. Managers are overpaid and and buffoons.
  19. Harlequin

    Harlequin Modder

    4 Jun 2004
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    Job: Twilight Grocery Replenishment Assistant (so it say on this contract) for well known supermarket
    wage: £7.28 > £10.50 an hour depending on day and shift
    worth it: go to work , do shift , meet custards , go home. no responsibilitiers other than doing my job and showing up .

    ps wife is an accounts technician , working in credit control and with some management accounts so is the main wage earner ;)
  20. Almightyrastus

    Almightyrastus Rule #9

    21 Mar 2002
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    I did that for 3 and a half years over nights at Sainsbury's. Pretty good shift patterns, 3 on, 1 off, 3 on, 7 off and so on. Took home about £600 - £700 every 4 weeks (11 years ago). Virtually zero responsibility other than be there from 10pm to 7am 3 nights a week and make sure my isle was filled up and tidy.

    Fun times as the rest of the shift workers were a pretty good bunch (in the main, we had a worthless tool of a manager for a while - the guy did nothing but try and shag the women in the first aid room...)

    Left there when we all took voluntary redundancy, unofficially, the nightshift was too much trouble as we both knew and followed the rules to the letter, officially, they were getting rid of the nightshift in a money saving exercise...

    Best move I ever made as leaving there as it gave me the push to get my electrical engineering degree and onto a job where I pay more in tax than I took home back then.

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